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“Kirikou” Director Shoots 3rd Film in West African Folk Tale Franchise

"Kirikou" Director Shoots 3rd Film in West African Folk Tale Franchise

Missed this when it was first announced in the spring, but France’s Michel Ocelot is currently working on his next animated feature, Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes (Kirikou and Men and Women).

The film is the third installment of a trilogy which began with Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998) and continued with Kirikou and the Wild Beasts (2005).

“It is fascinating to work with this character, who became stronger than me, in some ways,” Ocelot said of Kirikou, the magical little boy who serves as the series’ hero. “It is also fascinating to go back 12 years and it’s the present again.”

Notably, this will be the first film in the franchise to be produced in stereoscopic 3D, a format Ocelot used for the first time on Tales of the Night.

Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes is scheduled to reach French screens in December 2012.

From Cineuropa.

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Geneva Girl

The first one was too creepy for my daughter and we couldn’t even finish the first DVD. Now that she’s older we should give it a try. It’s amazing how much merchandise was available in France for this film.


I didn’t even know there was a second movie, much less a third!! I’m excited and can’t wait to see it.

I will also show this my little nieces and nephews. I rather they watch this than Princess and Frog. To think Disney had an opportunity to choose from all the rich African folktales out there and they made that crap instead. ugh.

James Madison

Good to hear! Love animation!



I have the first two films on DVD!


Just put Kirikou and the Sorceress on my NetFlix cue : )

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