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link we like: THREE STOOGES.NET

link we like: THREE STOOGES.NET

The Three Stooges Online Filmography

For all things Stooge-related, this is an impressive one-stop resource, and a lot of fun to browse. There’s a detailed filmography and chronology, as well as lists of TV guest appearances, film & TV tributes (citing, for instance, every vintage cartoon in which the Stooges were caricatured), a bibliography, comicography, and videography (identifying the contents of many video compilations). Every entry is illustrated with—

—stills, posters, comic book covers, and more, like a film-by-film rundown of memorable Stooge quotes (“If this was my place, I’d throw you outta it!”). The site not only deals with The Three Stooges as a team but solo work by Ted Healy, Shemp Howard, Joe DeRita, and Joe Besser. The home page spotlights a film of the day, a comic book of the day, and a video link. Rob Davidson is the webmaster, and data administrator Brent Seguine tells me their next challenge is a rundown of all the Stooges’ radio appearances, so stay tuned for even more knucklehead information.

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The Stooges are my buddies! I have all of their episodes on DVD, and I also have one of Moe's cancelled checks, a gift from a friend for my 21st birthday, over thirty years ago! Long Live The Stooges!!

Mark McComas

I have noticed that there are several cartoon characters from different studios that are very similar, and cartoon plots that are copy-cats. In the characters, there are Disney’s Chip and Dale and Warner’s Mack and Tosh. Did someone like Jack Warner pressure the Termite Terrace guys into coming up with Mack and Tosh “so Warners would have funny chipmunks, too!”? I suspect that happened when Tom and Jerry won an Oscar for their cartoon about the “Hungarian Rhapsody” piano concert. Bugs, Sylvester and even Woody Woodpecker from over at Universal did one of those.

Jim Reinecke

Perhaps a really good book (or movie, in the HOLLYWOODLAND vein) could be made regarding the rather mysterious death of Ted Healy. I was unaware of some of the rumors until I read Jeffrey Spivak’s recent biography of Busby Berkeley in which it was mentioned briefly. Supposedly Wallace Beery and future James Bond producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli were involved in a fatal beating administered to Mr. Healy and MGM (as it was known to do. . .at your recommendation, Leonard, I saw the fascinating documentary GIRL 27) was able to smear enough palms to gloss over the facts and sent Beery on a vacation to Europe for four months until the situation could be hushed up. A subject worthy of some investigative journalism (even more than seven decades after the fact) if ever there was one!

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