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Lovely One-Sheet Arrives For Paddy Considine’s ‘Tyrannosaur’

Lovely One-Sheet Arrives For Paddy Considine's 'Tyrannosaur'

As big fans of the actor from his work in films as diverse as “Dead Man’s Shoes,” “In America,” “The Bourne Ultimatum,” “My Summer of Love,” “Hot Fuzz” and, most recently, “Submarine,” we’ve been hugely intrigued by “Tyrannosaur,” the upcoming directorial debut from actor Paddy Considine. The film, an extrapolation of his BAFTA-winning short “Dog Altogether,” premiered at Sundance to strong reviews, and we’ve had an eye on the film ever since.

Following an alcoholic (Peter Mullan) who forms a friendship with a Christian woman (Olivia Colman), only for violence to result when her husband (Eddie Marsan) becomes jealous, it’s by all accounts a gritty drama, rather than the “Jurassic Park“-style CGI fest suggested by the title, by dinosaur fans will at least be placated by the gorgeous UK poster that’s just debuted over at Empire.

A striking monochrome drawing of what we assume is Mullan’s character, standing above a T-Rex skeleton, it’s easily one of the more distinctive posters we’ve seen in a long time, and we hope it gets plastered everywhere. Strand Releasing have the U.S. rights, but haven’t yet set a date for it, but Canal Plus (formerly Optimum) will put the film out in the U.K. on October 14th: we’d expect a trailer to follow any day now.

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Yeah If Dan didn’t make this someone owes him some money. He’s been pumping out beautiful images like this for years:

this one is practically identical


I wonder if this is by Dan McCarthy. He has done a couple Threadless shirts too with dinosaurs.

Check out his wonderful site:

Jon Woods

This is one of the two movies I was actually able to get in to at Sundance this year and I went in completely blind. It was pretty great, but it was VERY gritty. As in, at least 25% of our screening walked out gritty (it was actually in Sundance though so the crowd was a bit different than Park City). Mullan nails the role and Marsan is great as always.

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