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‘Luther’ Star Ruth Wilson Saddles Up For Female Lead In ‘The Lone Ranger’

'Luther' Star Ruth Wilson Saddles Up For Female Lead In 'The Lone Ranger'

Beats Out Jessica Chastain & Abbie Cornish For The Role

The sausage party (thus far) of the upcoming big screen version of “The Lone Ranger” with Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer and Tom Wilkinson is getting an injection of estrogen.

Beating out “The Tree Of Life” star Jessica Chastain as well as Abbie Cornish, Deadline reveals that U.K. actress Ruth Wilson is now in talks for the female lead of Rebecca in the upcoming film. Wilson is on-the-rise, noted for her roles in the Idris Elba-led series “Luther” as well for taking the titular role in 2006 in the BBC TV mini-series of “Jane Eyre.” Details on the part are non-existent, but starring opposite Depp is undoubtedly a massive career boost for the actress.

Filming will get underway in the fall with Gore Verbinkski directing and the film is already set for release on December 21, 2012.

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Agreed with Mr Anonymous, it’s not her facial features – it’s her presence which is something you can’t really get from a badly cropped photo. She can swap between calculating and cold to completely empathetic and sweet on a dime. Chastain’s prettier and has more poise, but Wilson is feisty, fun and smart.


I’ve got eyes, dammit. Her picture is right there.

Stunning she is not.

Mr Anonymous

You clearly haven’t seen Luthor! Ruth Wilson is stunning! One of the sexiest women on British television along with being one of the most terrifying! You need to see Luthor to understand this. She was amazing alongside Idris Elba. Anyone who’s seen the show knows exactly what i’m talking about.

Well deserved.


How does a face like that beat out Jessica Chastain?


go ruth! well deserved. the most stunning actress under 30. and hot hot hot.
acting is not about appearence, kt. didnt your mother told ya dont judge about a book by its cover? obviously not

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