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Mark Wahlberg & Jonah Hill Are The ‘Good Time Gang’ In New Cop Action Flick

Mark Wahlberg & Jonah Hill Are The 'Good Time Gang' In New Cop Action Flick

While John Landis hasn’t made anything worth talking about since “Coming To America,” his son Max Landis is carrying the family name. The up-and-coming scribe penned the forthcoming superhero flick “Chronicle“; he’s got “Amnesty” a mysterious project described as a cross between J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert Ludlum with Ron Howard attached and he’s penning one of the many Frankenstein pics knocking around Hollywood looking to get made. Now another Max Landis project is attracting some heavyweight talent.

24 Frames reports that Mark Wahlberg and Jonah Hill are attached to star in the cop comedy “Good Time Gang.” Described as a new spin on the “Lethal Weapon” format (though presumably, no one is on the brink of retirement or is a virulent asshole), with a stronger emphasis on action than comedy, the story “follows two party-happy mercenaries who decide to take on a more serious case involving a terrorist, only to find their mission complicated when they discover one of them is related to the target.” But don’t get your hopes up just yet, this one appears to be in very early stages.

The project is set up with the indie RCR Pictures (never heard of them) which is financed by world poker champion Chris Ferguson (not dodgy at all) but at least has seasoned producer Robin Schorr (“Food Inc,” “The Prince & Me“) running the show. Both actors have experience playing boys in blue under their belt with Wahlberg yukking it up with Will Ferrell in last year’s “The Other Guys” and Hill recently wrapping the big screen take on “21 Jump Street.” Wahlberg has “Silver Linings Playbook” and his Ferrell/McKay re-team “Three Mississippi” in his immediate future while Hill is just wrapping a very busy past few months between ‘Jump Street’ and his new Fox TV show “Allen Gregory.” And with no director attached yet to “Good Time Gang” and with those calendars pretty full, this one won’t be happening just yet.

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Innocent Blood, Slasher, and Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project aren’t “worth talking about”??


Fair enough.


he’s been in good films since ‘superbad’ i just don’t think he had much to do with them being good. frankly, in my opinion, he’s been surrounding by talent. ’21 Jump street?’ we’ll see.


KJ keep reporting the stories with editorial truth– RDC’s funded by a poker champion, (dodgy) love it! That’s why I come here.


@jimmiescoffee In blogs, I’m totally sick of news about him, too. I think, though, that Hill has been very smart with his choices post-“Superbad.” Hill didn’t cash in the way Cera did, making “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” and “Year One.”

He turned down a role in a Transformers sequel and took supporting parts in “Funny People” and “The Invention of Lying.” Say what you will about “Get Him To The Greek” but it’s the work of an auteur in Nicholas Stoller, and it sure as hell isn’t “Year One.” Plus, “Cyrus” gives me hope for Hill’s dramatic chops.

Upcoming films “The Sitter”, “Moneyball” and “21 Jump Street” all sport excellent pedigrees for the types of films they are.

I wish there were more actors who chose their roles as wisely as Hill does.


i’m getting tired as fuck of jonah hill

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