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Marsha Norman to Write Play Dealing with Plight of Women and Girls

Marsha Norman to Write Play Dealing with Plight of Women and Girls

The United Nations Department of Public Information, through its Creative Community Outreach Initiative (CCOI) has joined forces with Theatre for Humans a producing entity out of LA to create a play based on stories of women and girls throughout the world. The play will be “dedicated to telling the poignant stories of those impacted by current global issues.”

Andrea Ciannavei and the producers Susan Blyth and Terry Merkle of Theatre for Humans will travel across the world to ten countries over the next several months and meet with UN officers and women and girls to gather stories. The stories will focus “on violence against women, human trafficking, women as peacekeepers, girls in areas of conflict and women’s economic and political empowerment.”

The material will then be turned over to Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Marsha Norman who will create the play which will premiere in 2013. Here’s what Norman said about being involved in the project:

I am truly privileged to join this courageous production. We read these terrible stories every day in the paper and shudder. What I hope to do is create a play that investigates the ongoing violence toward women and children in the world, and searches for some kind of answer to the question, ‘What Can We Do?

Marsha Norman Will Craft New Play About Issues Facing Girls and Women (Playbill)

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Linn D.

@KT Since this post is about Ms. Norman and her future play, I hesitate to begin a discussion about someone else’s book… but I respectfully disagree with your statement. And I especially disagree with the part “The authors didn’t give feminists the credit they deserve.” I don’t see how a book about women’s journeys in third-world countries should also be about giving credit to women in the quote, unquote, civilized world. Unless you mean the women talked about in the book, and are describing them as the “feminists.” But the authors did give them credit, lots of credit, so that doesn’t make sense to me either…


I hate to say it, but Half the Sky was a disappointment. The authors seemed to think that if women in third world countries were treated like women in the United States, all would be well.

The authors didn’t give feminists the credit they deserve and they needed to say, “All forms of patriarchy are unacceptable, whether it’s a modernized 21st century type of male dominance or the blatant, violent misogyny of the Taliban.”

Linn D.

Someone should tell Ms. Norman to read “Half the Sky.” A great non-fiction book that I think would make an amazing play, similar to “The Laramie Project.” That would cut her research time in half, if she got the rights to that book…

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