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Michael K. Williams Will Bring The Realness Of “Omar” To NBC’s “Community”

Michael K. Williams Will Bring The Realness Of "Omar" To NBC's "Community"

I’ve never watched a single episode of NBC’s Community; I couldn’t even tell you what it’s about without looking it up first.

I do know that it certainly has its loyal fans, some I follow on Twitter or who are Facebook friends, because whenever it’s on the air, my social networking news-feed is heavy on conversation focused on the series.

I also know that there are a couple of black folks in its starring cast, namely Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown.

And we can now add a third black character to the series, as Michael K. Williams will be joining the cast for at least three episodes this fall.

He’ll play a biology professor, says New York mag.

And how/why was Williams chosen for the part?

The series creator Dan Harmon told New York mag: “The general idea with this season is to add … a certain amount of groundedness and reality to the series. Because the detractors of our show complain that there’s a distancing that takes place because we have such a silliness and far-fetchedness … So I asked myself, ‘What is the opposite of that?’ And it’s certainly The Wire. I [recently] watched all five seasons, and I wanted to bring a little bit of that mentality and apply it to the Community recipe… I would hope to have him in many, many [episodes]… We’re really excited.

Ok. I guess I need to first watch Community to fully grasp his vision here.

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acerbic…hmmm, what was i thinking with that one? scratch that.

the humor is witty and LAYERED.

kinda like “Arrested Development” (another fav.)



It is ridiculously hilarious. Fun, smart, acerbic, light-hearted, colorful.

Each character in the ensemble gets shine. Favorite episode? “Modern Warfare”. CRAZY.

I rented it. Didn’t watch in real time. Immediately bought season one. Waiting on season two to release (September).

Can’t wait to see MKW on the show.


I effing LOVE Community! That show is the most hilarious thing on American tv at the moment, and the only show that I actually watch on regular tv. (I am an HBO and BBC snob, fyi). I cannot believe that Michael K. Williams will be joining the show! (He is totally underused on that stupid gangster bootlegging show that’s now on HBO). He was absolutely amazing on The Wire, which is hands down the best cop show ever made, imo (and one of the best shows ever on tv. I have yet to see any show do better than the fourth season of The Wire, seriously). Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to this. Very exciting!


Interesting. I love Community, but I’ve never seen The Wire (though I intend to soon). Donald Glover is hilarious.

Donnie Leapheart

Yeah I read about this casting move over the weekend…I’m not sure I like it….I love “Community” for its silliness, not the reality of the show. The last thing a comedy needs is to be more serious.


I don’t watch anything on NBC but Mr. Harmon wants to bring a bit of The Wire’s mentality to Community? Hmm, I’m intrigued.

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