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Missing the Point: Daniel Craig Likes Tattoo Boob Poster Because Mara “Looks Great”

Missing the Point: Daniel Craig Likes Tattoo Boob Poster Because Mara "Looks Great"

Daniel Craig was out shilling his new film Cowboys and Aliens and in between questions about his wedding to Rachel Weisz (the press is still incredulous that they dared do it privately) he was also teasing some information about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and spoke about the highly provocative poster where Rooney Mara appears topless.

The quote comes from Access Hollywood:

People have opinions about it, but I think it sort of works as a poster because [Rooney] looks great. I think it sort of really illustrates the two characters in the movie very well.

Let me get this straight. The poster works because the actress looks great. Why would anyone release a poster where the actress didn’t look great. I just think that his answer really misses the point as to why people (including me) reacted so negatively to it. Craig also spoke about how violent the movie is and said it is like the Godfather and other 70s movies. That sounds fine by me. The book is violent, alarmingly so. That’s one of the things that makes it so great.

And he also talks about the sex related to the poster. Here’s what he says: “The biggest issue is sex — and it’s like, there’s nothing offensive about it,”

I’m not exactly sure how he conflates the sexual content of the film with the fact that Rooney Mara’s boob is on display on the poster. They couldn’t be two more different things. We all know that there is some serious sexual content in the film. It is a book and a film for adults. But just because there is sex — both consensual and rape — does not mean that the poster promoting the film needs or should have an image of the lead actress and heroine who is (SPOILER) raped with her boob hanging out with Daniel Craig’s arms wrapped around her. I won’t repeat my thoughts on the poster because my initial thoughts still stand but let’s be clear, sexy and violent movie does not have to lead to inappropriate poster. The connection just doesn’t fly.

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I read about this article on the home page of Seattle’s Women in Film organization.

I read Melissa’s blog regularly, but was delighted to see it referenced on the WIF site.

I so agree with Courtney above.


I think the intent is to shock, thereby hinting at the dark places they plan to take the material. And I see it as an attempt to capture the relationship between the Salander and Blomkvist. I don’t know, I don’t find it particularly sexy at all, nor do I think that was intended. And by the way, the word “great”, as said by Daniel Craig, can be interpreted different ways. I don’t presume to know how he meant it.

I’ve heard a lot of erroneous talk that it somehow shows Blomkvist holding Salander hostage and I suggest to whoever says that that you actually LOOK at the poster and leave your imagination out of it.

Whether or not Salander would actually pose for a poster like this in *real life* is a strange question. Not only that, she would also never promote a movie about herself real life. The same way Spider-Man would never pose for a poster with his mask off.


“I think it sort of really illustrates the two characters in the movie very well.”

The only way that poster illustrates the character of Lisbeth Salander well is if you imagine the next scene is Lisbeth stomping on his instep and then beating the crap out of him. There is just no way that Lisbeth Salander would cooperate with an image like that. She would fight tooth and nail to keep from being exploited like that.

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