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Naomie Harris’ “Bond 23” Role Revealed – “Miss Moneypenny”

Naomie Harris' "Bond 23" Role Revealed - "Miss Moneypenny"

Well, it hasn’t been officially announced yet, but the UK’s Daily Mail is reporting this morning that the secretive role Naomie Harris has long been in the running for, since we first announced that she was being considered for a part in the next James Bond movie, is not quite THE Bond girl role, but rather, Miss Moneypenny, assistant to M, James Bond’s boss – a role originated by Lois Maxwell who played the character from 1962’s Dr No to 1985’s A View To A Kill.

Since then, 3 other actresses have played the part, with Naomi now being the 4th, and the first black woman to take on the role.

Whether or not Harris’ portrayal of Moneypenny will remain inline with previous characterizations of her, remains to be seen. It’s a relatively small part in the franchise, though memorable for her ongoing flirtation with Bond, creating some sexual tension between the two of them; however, their relationship has always been professional.

The Daily Mail says the actress is “in the final stages of negotiations to play Moneypenny in Bond 23, alongside Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Judi Dench which will begin shooting this year, with Sam Mendes at the helm.

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Holy crap you’re right. Watched the first five features this weekend. (because I like marathons) And she’s in there, but not much.

I like how they ‘flirt/not-flirt’. Or at least that’s what I inferred in a couple scenes.

I still stick with my initial proposal. They need to really utilize Naomie.

GO ROGUE! or something :-)


@ Ghost
Yaya’s claim to fame is not from Tron alone. ANTM, Ugly Betty, The Children Are All Right, All My Children, Take the Lead
And I think their decision to cast Naomie Harris as ‘Miss Moneypenny’ is a TOTAL waste of her exceptional talent!


WHY do these talented young Black actors/actresses always get these small screen BFF/Assistant roles?

Because when they get lead roles in films-they tend to FLOP or get LIMITED support from the community-especially from the BLACK community.

More folks know who Yaya is thanks to Tron Legacy and she was in it for 3 minutes.

So before we cry about these folks taking cameos in films-we need to support and promote them when they get lead roles. So they won’t have to do this.


It’s beneath her, but I hope she can use it as a stepping stone.

I’m honestly scratching my chin at why they replaced Samantha Bond. I hope it wasn’t because she’s too old, but knowing Hollywood…


I just thought of something… I’ve never watched (completed) a James Bond flick. Nope, notta, can’t do it.

In fact, 2 days ago I tried to watch Casino Royale. When Daniel Craig (Bond) chased down a brother that had the speed of Usain Bolt, I was done. The brother was leaping out 3 story windows and landing on his feet, and Bond was right behind, gaining ground every step of the way.

Now we have the current trend of pimping our black sistahs for our green-backs… dollar bills yawl. Here they come. Miss fine Black Miss Moneypenny and black Nicole Beharie (My Last Day Without You & Shame)

Yeah, I said it. They are pimpin’ the panties off our black actresses… for our black dollars. Put a sistah in a movie (opposite a white guy) and all the black faces come a runnin’.

“But CareyCarey, the women have to eat”

Yeah riiight, and every pole stripper is working her way through college.


There’s a reason why the spin-off never got green-lighted, my friend, she was awful.


Halle Berry was great as Jinx . There was even talk of spinning her off into her own franchise. She didn’t embarass herself or her race in that bond film. She has had a bad run lately but dont try to make it like every role she played was terrible.


Halle Berry ruined any chance of a black woman being a Bond girl ever again, she gave a horrid and embarrassing performance in”Die Another Day”. I don’t care if she’s mixed, most of the world sees her as black.

voice of reason

Horrid choice and further will destruct Cubby’s franchise.

Thespian Queen

Hmm, this does NOT surprise me one bit Misspenny? WHY do these talented young Black actors/actresses always get these small screen BFF/Assistant roles? Geez! We are in 2011 cinema needs a facelift. ASAP!


Unless there’s going to be a major re-imagining of the role and her character is more developed, Harris’ part isn’t going to be that big. Miss Moneypenny has never appeared for more than 5 minutes in any Bond film


I’m liking this news. A lot. :)
I can’t wait to see how this turns out.


in the final stages of negotiations to play Moneypenny in Bond 23, alongside Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes

Lawd, those men… rowr-worthy and talented!

Miss Moneypenny? LOL Can’t believe I don’t remember the character. Still, I hope her presence and/or chemistry with Bond (and the others, if the story permits) makes her appearances memorable and significant to the tune of oh, say, let’s have her back but this time as an asst. to M who goes rogue! Mwhahaha.

I think I need a marathon of Bond movies. I think I need to look to that oh, say, THIS WEEKEND. :P

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