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New In Theaters – Skip “Cowboys And Aliens;” See “Attack The Block” Instead

New In Theaters - Skip "Cowboys And Aliens;" See "Attack The Block" Instead

The title says all you need to know; 2 movies with “alien attack” themes amongst the films opening this weekend. 1 is ridiculously expensive but sucks; the other cost a fraction of what the first one cost, and is a better film.

Guess which is which?

Sergio and I have both already seen Attack The Block. While I didn’t love it, I liked it enough to recommend, especially over that other alien movie opening this weekend. Sergio absolutely loved it.

And with the movie opening this weekend, I thought I’d share our individual reviews again. My review HERE; Sergio’s HERE.

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Dankwa Brooks

I don’t think it was so much about the budget for the horror as it was for the sci-fi element. You can notice a SIZEABLE difference between the SFX in ‘Terminator’ and ‘T2: Judgment Day’.

The SFX in ATB looked good, but nothing like they could have.

Donnie Leapheart

True James, its tricky….

Using that same logic the $25 million budget Cloverfield producers could compare themselves to Avatar or Transformers 3 and say they were a “low budget indie” as well. I look at scifi films like the under $200k films “Monsters” and “Primer” and consider them small budget indies.

$12 million dollars could feed whole countries, in some parts. That’s actually what average studio budgets SHOULD be….IMHO

James Madison

Sidenote: I’m really not sure why this is being called a small budget indie…

By Donnie Leapheart on July 31, 2011

I can only guess it is considered low budget in regards to what other science fiction genre films would cost to produce. I guess comparing it to Cloverfield or Super 8 and their production budgets would make it relatively low budget, but I understand what you are saying.

James Madison

$12 million dollars could feed whole countries, in some parts. That’s actually what average studio budgets SHOULD be….IMHO

– Donnie Leapheart

LOL!! I was having a similar though just last night!!!

Good stuff Donnie!

Donnie Leapheart

Sidenote: I’m really not sure why this is being called a small budget indie…They had 12 million dollars. That’s actually more than even American horror B-movies with no “stars” like this one have to work with. The original “Saw” cost a little over 1 million…that’s low budget indie…


Loved it! Brought a friend along who didn’t know what to expect . . . she loved it too! Our audience was really into it. The accents made it difficult to catch everything . . . but we didn’t miss a joke. You pick up the slang pretty quickly. Not a young kids film really.

James Madison

Thoroughly enjoyed “Attack The Block”

I believe the audience of some 50+ enjoyed it too.

They laughed where they were supposed too, were engaged in the action and the parts that were more serious.

Great characters. The film was not so polished as a movie financed with big budget dollars and to me that was a good thing. Because were the budget ends, creativity reigned.

Great to see a person of color take charge to save the day and the play on the
name (Moses)

Joe Cornish did a great job in not making the characters, even in the funny moments buffoonish. Great sensitivity in handling the characters. Total difference from most films not written by a person of color, in where they are in need of someone to lead them out of their predicament.

Highly recommended.


I saw it yestreday and it definitely deserves all the praise it’s getting. I would love to see the lead actor in more roles. I watch a lot of british movies/tv shows so the accent wasn’t a problem for me.

james Madison

Just bought my tix for tomorrow. Can hardly wait to see it.

Donnie Leapheart

I went to an advance screening on Tuesday. Better than the trailer makes it out to be. Definitely not a kids film, which was a plus. A little to gross and graphic at times though. People around me kept asking, “What did he say?” So the slang and heavy south London accents may be a problem for some.

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