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New Tintin Trailer Reveals Spielbergian Animation

New Tintin Trailer Reveals Spielbergian Animation

Thompson on Hollywood

Check out the new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (December 23) below, for which star Daniel Craig wore a leotard for the performance capture. The question that Kris Tapley and I asked in our mid-summer Oscar Talk is: will the Academy consider this live action VFX (Avatar) or animation (Monster House)? Clearly the film is utterly stylized and “rendered,” as they say in the trade, with no live action components, as “virtual” as Pixar’s Cars 2. But performance capture, as live-action director Bob Zemeckis used it in Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol, has not been considered animation.

Also note the homage shot of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (ThePlaylist thinks this trailer looks like “the Indiana Jones Sequel We Should Have Had.”)

Here’s the previously released teaser.

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Anupriya Joshi

Speilberg is pathbreaking director.. no doubt he will create some fantastic visuals in this flick too…. I Love TinTin and i will definitely going to watch this movie… Being a animation student at IMS DIA Noida, i am really looking forward towards this movie….


Hey I’ve got an idea. How about just shooting the damn thing live action??? I mean Rise of the Planet of the Apes has these CGI apes but even the lowest budgeted Apes movie sequels from the 70’s had actors in ape makeup? What’s the problem with doing it live action. You know like they way they used to make movies?

Bill Desowitz

Performance capture is a tool and still in its infancy, and Weta Digital has a different approach from Zemeckis, witness the breakthrough of Avatar. The combination of stylization and photorealism is a different aesthetic and part of a whole new virtual production paradigm. I’m starting to write about this on my new blog, Immersed in Movies:


Nope. it has that “soulless”, wax-like quality that all “performance capture” animated films have had. There’s something stilted and very creepy about it. And is the audience ready for another one these films? Disney threw out Zemeckis and his team after the box office bust of Mars Need Moms. He’s going back to making live action movies after believing he has going to revolutionize fillmmaking with these films

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