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Newbie Dan Yeager Is Leatherface In ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’; Trey Songz Stars As Well

Newbie Dan Yeager Is Leatherface In 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D'; Trey Songz Stars As Well

Update: A press release for the film has confirmed that John Dugan and Marilyn Burns will reprise their roles as the Grandfather and Verna Carson from Tobe Hooper‘s original flick in the reboot. Shaun Sipos, Richard Riehle and Thom Barry round out the cast.

So while Gunnar Hansen will stop by and wave and wink in a cameo in “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D“, yet another reboot (or whatever) of the aging franchise, a newcomer will be wielding the iconic lumberjack tool. Dan Yeager — who doesn’t even seem to exist on IMDB unless the special effects guy for “Up In The Air” and “Marley & Me” is taking a massive career turn — will play Leatherface in the new film, chopping up the new cast of mostly unknown or slowly rising actors. And one more has joined their ranks.

The ridiculously named Trey Songz — the R&B singer who currently has his ode to posteriors “Bottoms Up” invading radios — will star opposite Alexandra Daddario, playing her boyfriend in the film. THR‘s announcement hilariously notes that the role will allow Songz to be “physical, romantic and heroic,” but what can be more romantic than singing “Girl, you know I love the way you shake it in them jeans”? Who needs Hallmark, right?

Anyway, the cast is rounded out by Sue Rock, Tania Raymond, Bill Mosely, Keram Malicki-Sanchez and Scott Eastwood, with the new tale following Heather (Daddario) who goes to Texas to collect an inheritance, part of which happens to be a chainsaw wielding maniac. The thoroughly mediocre “Takers” helmer John Luessenhop is directing and in case you’re still interested, the movie will hit theaters on October 5, 2012.

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I want to see this Dan Yeager is a real friendly guy I have talked to him. I am a fan of the TCM franchise. Don't listen to the stupid critic that wrote this article. The original didn't have known actors in it either. There's plenty of a lister movies that suck.


People give the movie a chance. Any actor can be good with a good director who does not mind taking their time for every seen to be perfect. The director they have may not be no Chris Nolan but he is def not a Uwe boll lol. Reserve final judgment for when the movie is actually out, and i mean besides there is no way it can actually be worse then the two platinum dune films it can only be better lol. I for one think it has a chance at being the best TCM movie since the original if done right. I just hope they don’t put to much of their time and money into making the 3D awesome and instead focus more on script, story, choreography, pacing, and brutal, and gritty scenes.


Its already a pile of shit because its like the 100th movie in the series. Also who is Alexandra Daddario? Meryl Streep? Didn’t think so.

Gotta luv it

This movie is gonna b off da chain no lie. This is gonna b real good Trey Songz gonna b in it Alexandra Daddario is gonna b in it. This is somethin 2 see.

Mr Anonymous

Jesus Christ. Instead of audtioning real actors who have worked to make this their craft, we instead get given shitty Trey Songz who has obviously been cast to appeal to the teen girl market.

I feel most sorry for Alexandra Daddario who at least was half decent in Hall Pass, she’s now stuck with a bunch of amateurs and one who clearly isn’t even an actor!

You just know this is going to be the biggest pile of shit ever.

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