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Nick Frost The Final Dwarf In Universal’s Suddenly Awesome ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’

Nick Frost The Final Dwarf In Universal's Suddenly Awesome 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

While Universal may have lost the release date battle against Relativity for their competing Snow White films, they may have very well won the war. Time will tell, but while Tarsem is currently very, very busy filming his movie and hoping to make it in time for its spring release, Universal has calmly cast up “Snow White and the Huntsman” and fuck, if we didn’t care before, we’re definitely on board now.

Nick Frost — who you should know from “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz” and “Paul” — is now the seventh and final dwarf to be cast, joining Ian McShane, Toby Jones, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Graham and Ray Winstone as the small-sized contingent in the film (it looks like Eddie Izzard, previously tipped for a role, has quietly exited). The already starry cast features Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Sam Clafin, Lily Cole and Sam Spruell in a retelling of the classic fairy tale in which the woodsman (Hemsworth), who is meant to bump off the titular princess (Stewart), winds up training her instead to fight her evil stepmother (Theron).

What else can we say about this cast? It’s a fantastic round-up of thesps and while it will be coming on the heels of Tarsem’s still-untitled movie starring Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Lily Collins, the talent alone makes it stand out from the pack of no-names that round out their competition’s film. And as “Larry Crowne” proved recently, Roberts is no longer an instant guarantee of box office success and Tarsem’s film is way outside her wheelhouse, so Relativity might be starting to sweat a bit.

Rupert Sanders will get behind the camera of “Snow White and the Hunstman” this fall with a June 1, 2012 release date slated. And oh yeah, if all goes well, it’s going to be trilogy. [Variety]

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A strong secondary cast really keeps a film interesting. Snow White and the Huntsman certainly has that. I like the leads as well. Kristen is experienced and hopefully can pull in the Twi fans to this film. Hemsworth is swoonworthy and charismatic. Charlize is excellent. No obvious problem with this film except it is playing second, but the marketplace should be able to support this type of film. Almost forgot they got an Oscar nominated hossein amini writer to hone the script.


@wando, i dont know poor peter got a called a woman last time he dared say something against kristen. from the sounds of it. there are a few fans on both sides of the twilight spectrum that need to take a deep breath, and stop throwing out insults. no matter what kristen stewart and rob pattinson will have people that don’t like them. you just suck it up. every actor deals through the same bs.


@TJ. No need to be defensive. Yes, I would say that film turned down by the first male leads they approach (Depp, Hardy, Fassbender), then loses the lead the manage to snag (Mortensen), then is turned down by the next set of male leads they approach (Jackman and Edgerton) and then has one of the supporting cast drop out a couple of weeks before the filming is due to start has casting problems. Especially when, as paul stated the supporting cast seem to be garnering more interest than the leads.


First of all kristen stewart is perfect for this part. sick of all you hatersss. Snow white and the huntman will be bigger then the first sbiw white because kristen stewart is the most famous actress, and liliy collins isnt that famous


leighs just one of those rob “super” fans who think she’s saving her fantasy boyfriend from the clutches of kristen stewart by flooding all online sites with doomsday predictions about every movie she works on. These chicks are crazy, they need to get laid, an dnot by their edward cullen blow up doll. If rob was datin say….megan fox they’d be stalking her instead and reading scripts for her movies.


@Leigh Wow, now you are including actors who were never even attached, who were offered the role and turned it down as casting problems? This happens all the time, for virtually EVERY movie. Viggo was the only one ever actually attached as the Huntsman who dropped out. That was a casting issue that has since been fixed. The others you mention were never a possibility or were just rumors. That’s how casting works, you make offers, people decline for various reasons. You have to start somewhere. Or do you think Depp accepts every movie role he is offered?

SWATH has its Huntsman, he accepted the role, he will start filming in August. There are no casting problems.

Also, it is not confirmed that Izzard is out. So… ya.

Sorry to be so “defensive” but I have a problem with ridiculous statements that appear to have a motive. You are strangely informed about the very early casting of this movie for someone who is only remotely interested in one of the minor actors who was only recently cast. Something doesn’t smell right.


@leigh, people drop out of movies all the time. not usually a big deal. @tj, reading the comments all over the place people are more excited about the dwarfs then they are the main cast. this might be one of those movies where the minor cast is remembered more then the main.


baha, Nick Frost as a dwarf is gonna be hot! Love him!


Twihards, your pathology is showing in these comments. Someone needs to bottle robert pattinson worship and obsession in a bottle and substitute it for meth.

Anyways, Snow White’s a pretty boring princess to be honest. So I’m thinking which ever one switches up the story a bit and makes it more exciting and uses the dwarves best will be the better film. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


The thought of Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane volleying corny lines is a bit of a turnoff for me. This movie sorta had me at Ian mcShane, but I”m sure only time will tell which one is ultimately better.


I love all the bitter twimoms on here who stalk any kristen stewart post to rip on this movie cause you want to lay her boyfriend. lol Go back to dry humping your lifesize Edward pillows and reading scripts for the sole purpose of complaining online about it. It’s entertaining to watch even though it’s disturbing that you all seem to constantly googling her name to find websites to complain about her on.


@leigh, So the slightest whiff of rumor that a minor cast member has dropped out and the movie has “serious casting problems”? I hope he isn’t out but it’s hardly a problem if he is.


nick frost knocks my socks off. Tarsem Singh makes beautiful movies, but he can’t tell a story to save his life. And the Immortals is making him look like the poor man’s zac synder, which post-Sucker Punch, he so doesn’t want to be.


lol, stars exit and reshuffle lineups for movie projects consistently. That’s pretty normal. It’s a minor miracle for a project to get off the ground each time with casts intact, since every cast member usually have project schedules that end up being conflicting when one project moves up while another stays put or move behind in terms of timing. This movie has been put on a fast track with all silly chicken games with Relativity, so that affects things for people. Negotiations can go awry. The reality is that this movie seems to have a female star, and most male leading men don’t necessarily need to play second fiddle in a movie like they will with this one. So, Chris Helmsworth seems like a smart choice, since his star is rising but not exactly a household name.


Meh. Eddie Izzard was the only remotely interesting bit of casting and now he has dropped out. This film seems to be having some serious casting problems.


guess we will see. i still think which ever snow white comes out first would be the “winner.” snow white just isn’t one of those things that make people jump up to see. plus i agree if the scipt or movie doesn’t come together that well it really won’t matter who stars in it. i wonder how much the budget’s for both movie are. both of them are going to have to get back their budget and then some.


Yeah, this film can have all of “names” that they want, the script is still a piece of shit, as everyone here agrees:

The Brothers Grimm: Snow White has a much better script and knows who it is targeting. Snow White and the Huntsman comes across very much like that box office bomb with Amanda Seyfried that was Red Riding Hood.


@VirginiaSienna : yeah because everyone knows who Lily Collins is and she is soooooooo famous right? And not everybody finds Armie Hammer attractive, i mean not every girl are into guys that look like Kent Doll. I like the snow white and the huntsman cast better.


Can bitter hags jealous old cougars Rob pattinson fans stop commenting in every kristen’s post on the internet? i don’t get how can guy with no talent can have such obsessed and crazy fans. You idiots sound the same and it’s getting old. Please get a life HAGS.


I am really excited for this movie and i can’t stand julia Robert anyway. this cast is perfect.


LMAO! I love that it says that Relativity should be worried like anybody knows who the hell Nick Frost or the other dwarfs are. None of those people are household names so to general audiences, they’re all nobodys.


Ehh, I’ll take the Tarsem one in a second. The one that is first will do the best. There’s no room for 2 Snow Whites, and the first is geared towards children anyway.

Also, I’ll take anyone over Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

Umm, and Larry Crowne is not Julia’s movie, it’s Tom Hanks. She’s not even in the movie as much as Gugu, Wilmer and Cedric are.

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