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Popular UK Series “Misfits” Now On Hulu

Popular UK Series "Misfits" Now On Hulu

Seems like all the good shows worthy of viewing these days come from Great Britain. Adding to that growing list is the popular series the Misfits.

A description for the series states… “the BAFTA Award-winning series centers around a group of juvenile delinquents who are forced to do community service. During one of their duties, a freak storm occurs and gives each of them a super power. But these kids are your regular run-of-the-mill heroes. They’re given powers not of their choosing and don’t necessarily know how to control their power. The group tries to deal with their new powers, friends, relationships and someone how come together and defect evil.”

Now that’s an interesting take…superpower delinquents!

The show stars Lauren Socha, Robert Sheehan, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Antonia Thomas and Iwan Rheon.

Hulu has signed an agreement for the first two season along with the yet-to-air third season. While most U.K. series productions find distribution on U.S. networks like BBC America, PBS and Showtime, Misfits most likely couldn’t find a home due to the show’s quirky balance between genres, graphic language and content. Apparently, it’s a very racy show.

Below is a trailer and episode one. Thanks to Emmanuel for the tip!

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I LOVE this! Thanks for putting me on. USA sucks! I’m kidding. Kind of.


Great show! The writing is fantastic; the actors are top notch; and that Antonia Thomas is prettier than a little bit. Once you start watching, you’ll be clamoring for that third season.

K. Rock

I stumbled across the show on Hulu and watched it with no previous knowledge of it and got hooked! I am about to get started on season 2 and I hope its just as good.


Excellent show!

Kunle Adekolo

This is easily one of the best produced these days. If it was on U.S. television, it would be a smash. And it only gets better as the season progress.


I’ve watched Season 1 & 2 and the show is the bomb-diggity! Can’t wait for Season 3 to arrive!!!


Everyone who’s on the fence about this show (It’s British, it’s super powers) GET ON THIS! This is a very good show, darkly funny and very entertaining. I wish they had done this a lot sooner.


This show is GREAT.

But I’ve only read about it. And been told by friends who watched.

It’s been in my queue fo-evah. Now on HULU? Yippee!


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