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Dankwa Brooks

Of course I was talking about ‘Sherlock Holmes’ [1]. This second one will have to impress me as well for me to buy it.

Dankwa Brooks

I had no interest in seeing this in theaters and then I saw it on DVD and WOW was it good! The ONLY thing I didn’t like was the STRONG cockney accent. Coulden undastan a bloody thing they said gov. I put the captions on 5 minutes into the damned thing.

Everything else was really good about the picture, the acting, the story and and especially the direction and cinematography.

This is the FIRST Guy Ritchie film I’ve seen. I brushed his fame off of as Madonna’s husband (now ex), but he is really a good director. I will BUY this movie and I tend to not buy anything unless its very good or better.


Uhh, are there any Black people in this? Just wondering…


I forgot this was Guy Ritchie. *sigh* LOL. Not a fan though you all pointing out cinematography and such, I recognize dude has a ‘look’ about his features. Gritty. Clockworks and cold steel.

Okay. I’m renting this tonight.


I saw the first one. Great cinematography as the other commenter said. They pulled off the Old Time look.


The first was a great film. Love the cinematography and the storyline.


The first film was like a horror movie to my son! He was terrified of it for some reason. I sat down to watch it one day and he went into a complete meltdown. Was he saving me from a painful experience? Inquiring minds want to know. I’m not even interested in seeing it anymore. lol


I haven’t seen it yet, either. And I lurve RDJr and Law.


@CeCe I agree. Watch it for RDJ and JL, tambay. :)


The plot is messy at best but RDJ and Jude Law’s performance make the film worthwhile because they are really funny together.

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