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Preview “Streets” – Film Produced By Will Smith’s Bodyguard & Directed By Will Smith PA

Preview "Streets" - Film Produced By Will Smith's Bodyguard & Directed By Will Smith PA

Will Smith returned home to Philadelphia this past Sunday, for the premiere of a new feature film titled Streets.

What’s Will’s connection to the film, which I’m only just hearing about for the first time? It’s produced by his friend and bodyguard Charlie Mack, and was written and directed by Jamal Hill, who worked as a production assistant on 2 past Will Smith movies – Hancock and I Am Legend; he’s also a Philly native by the way, like Big Willie.

So, what’s Streets about?

The film’s Facebook page describes it as a “dramatic tale of seventeen year old Nichole Gordon who begrudgingly moves to Philadelphia from the wealthy suburbs when her mother becomes the city’s new Assistant DA. As Nicole explores the city’s streets, new found friends put her in the middle of an escalating drug war and in the crosshairs of her mother’s own investigation.

It stars rapper Meek Mill, Nafeesa Williams (One Life To Live), Chico Benymon (Half & Half), Tray Chaney (The Wire) and others.

The film was made for a reported $60,000, and had its world premiere this past Sunday, the 24th, which, as I already noted, Will Smith attended, along with Tyrese Gibson, and a few other notables.

I don’t have any info on what the plans for this film are; I’m guessing film festivals to start with. And despite the connection to Will Smith, and his support this weekend, I can’t be sure that he’ll have anything to do with its release,. like maybe using his influence to push it on a distributor. But who knows.

The premise is certainly interesting enough, but unfortunately, the trailer below doesn’t win me over at all. But maybe you’ll dig it…

First, check out Will Smith’s congratulatory speech at the film’s premiere, alongside the filmmaker and producer (Will’s bodyguard), and then watch the teaser trailer underneath:

Here’s the trailer:

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It may not be ‘Boyz N the Hood’ but at least they got it done and got some much needed experience for everyone involved in the project. You can’t tell me nothing about Will and Jada, they always go back home to support and help out others trying to live there dreams.

other song

It’s nice of Will to come out and support a *PA’s* film no doubt. Seriously…how many A-listers would do that? Maybe some would but I don’t know.

at least Will is supporting.


That was nice of Will to come out and support. But if I’m going to do something that I know for a fact Will Smith is going to see it wouldn’t be this…maybe next time.


I wonder if Jada needs a hair braider for Willow.

And “STREETS” written in caps comic sans for that urban after school special poster-geez


Note to future filmmakers: Be a famous person’s bodyguard or personal assistant then … nah, nothing new here.

I won’t congratulate them for getting it done but at least somebody got some practical experience.


How about “country roads” for a film? Or “backwater bayou” or “dusty trails”? How about rural instead of urban?

Not all black youth’s struggle and coming of age occur in urban settings involving drug warfare and street gangs…

A somewhat interesting take in a familiar movie-setting. Good luck to ’em.


you know what…cats do movies like this really believing that what they are doing is different from the rest. Like a new rapper coming out.. anyway its all good I guess. At least he got it done.


*Eyes wide open in a stare*
Another one guys??? Really? Not everyone can be filmmakers. I guess most people are gonna say “Well at least they got it done.” SMDH.

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