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Rev Al Might Be Getting His Own Show on MSNBC

Rev Al Might Be Getting His Own Show on MSNBC

For the past two weeks Rev. Al Sharpton (or Rev. Perm as I always like to call him) has been subbing on MSNBC’S 6PM time slot for the network’s regular host, Cenk Uyger, who has been on an extended vacation and is scheduled to come back next Monday.

But the Rev has been a natural on the show and why shouldn’t he be? He’s had years of TV experience by now. Love him or hate him, you have to admit he knows how to play to TV better than anyone else around.

Not only has MSNBC been impressed with his performance during his stint as a temporary host, they’ve been even more impressed with the ratings. The ratings for the show, since he’s been on, have come in a strong second after Fox News, regularly beating CNN and Headline News.

As a result, sources are reporting that MSNBC is seriously thinking about giving Sharpton his own permanent show on the network, in the 6PM slot, and moving Ugyer into some other capacity on the network.

The network has neither yet confirmed or denied the reports, so we’ll have to see what develops.

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Geneva Girl

I just wish that he would learn not to shout and remember that he’s on TV not in front of a pulpit.

dorothy charles banks

I love it! Rev. Al is not letting not letting politicians and guests get away with answers to questions he didn’t ask. I think the other MSNBC hosts can take a lesson on the art of the interview.

It is so funny to watch guests get exasperated, trying to retain their cool. Many of them don’t like Sharpton because of his zeal when in the field fighting for those who have no voice. I hope they keep Al on the show. The media are not willing to give Rev. Al credit for doing a good job. He has proven that he can lead a protest and then get on TV to conduct an intelligent interview.

I read today where Cenk U. said he quit the show, but was offered an earlier time slot. On Thursday he is supposed to hold a press conference to explain his departure.

Keep up the good works Rev. Al! I’m loving every minute you’re on.

Keith Tart Bond

Go get em Al. We need more minority persons working on cable TV. Re-elect President Obama 2012!


I’ll never forget when Don Imus was on Al’s radio show after his stupid Rutgers team comment. Imus was stuttering, getting all flummoxed when Al challenged him and then he made the extra mistake of shouting “…you people…!” Followed by 2 seconds of silence, then Al commenced to breaking his FOOT off in Imus’ you know what-he didn’t take a breath for about 3 minutes. I will watch this show if he gets it.

I do have mixed feelings about the man, but God forbid if any of my loved ones ever lose their lives at the hands of the NYPD I want him making everyone aware of it.

Go Rev. Al!

Al Johnston

Al makes them answer what he ask, and than calls them down when they go stupid.



i lov REV AL, hope it happens!!!!


If they give him his own show I will have a reason to watch MSNBC again since they got rid of Keith Olbermann (who is now on Current TV).


One thing about Al – he knows how to cut arrogant white anchors down to size and make them look stupid while still proving his point and maintaining control. I’d love him to go one on one with Nancy Grace but I have a feeling she would just agree with everything he says to avoid confrontation,lol.


Wow, Go Al! You’ve come a long way.

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