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Rev Al One Step Closer To Getting His MSNBC Show (UPDATE – see below)

Rev Al One Step Closer To Getting His MSNBC Show (UPDATE - see below)

DAMN THAT WAS FAST! Just last night I posted an item that there were rumors afloat that MSNBC was reportedly considering giving Rev. Al Sharpton his own show on MSNBC after network honchos were impressed with The Rev’s performance and ratings while subbing during the 6PM time slot for the regular host at that time Cenk Uyger who was on an extended vacation.

Well it was just announced that Uyger is offically out at the network and that MSNBC has “decided to make a change” at the 6PM slot. According to an official statement: “It’s unfortunate that Cenk has declined our offer to have him develop and host a program for another time slot,”

Uyger is obviously unhappy abpout this this recent chain of events and will hold a teleconference on Thursday where he claims he will “boldly discuss his departure from MSNBC.”

All of this leaves open the opportunity for the network to permanently turn over the time slot to Sharpton though nothing in regards to that has been announced yet. Anything can happen and they could turn it over to someone else. You know how these things go. We’ll have to wait and see.

UPDATE – According to the New York Times, Sharpton’s show is practically a done deal. According to three insiders at MSNBC, though a deal has not yet been offically signed as of yesterday it was “imminent” that Shaprton was going to be hired by the network to do his show.

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Excuse me, but I have to address this to that dim wit randy k. Black people were and never will be niggas, but I have to say, this is one time I don’t mind labeling you as one. YOU are the only ‘nigga’ commenting on this site.


They should have hired Van Jones or Melissa Harris Perry


YAWN. I’m so over Al Sharpton’s shady behind.

randy koepsel

So we got a Nigger in Da House and now weze gots one in the MXNBC house. I am gone ! Gone. Gone .


That would explain it. The only anchors I sparingly watched on MSNBC were Scarborough and Olbermann. Maybe Cenk can team up with Rick Sanchez and find a spot on Fox.


definitely ! Al Sharpton should have his time to speak (you call it a show). it is imperative that the voice so honest shall have something to say. in special, as he collects to a realistic point of view.
it makes me laugh… when I hear that the republicans want to build democracy. and they forget that they are republicans…


Uyger is a Turkish American and former conservative turned liberal who has this very popular webcast and radio show The Young Turks where he took on conservatives and the GOP.

Actually he was pretty good on his MSNBC show where he started out subbing for other hosts on their shows on the network. But Rev Al is better


Well dayum! In this economy you better not go on extended vacation and have someone like Rev. Al fill in. I never heard of this Cenk Uygur guy anyway.

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