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Sean Penn Goes Goth, Mumbles a Lot in the Trailer for “This Must Be the Place”

Sean Penn Goes Goth, Mumbles a Lot in the Trailer for "This Must Be the Place"

You can always count on Sean Penn to make a transformation in any project he tackles. From his Academy Award-winning turn as Harvey Milk in Gus Van Sant’s biopic to his career-defining role as a Jeff Spicoli in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” Penn is the closest thing America has to a male Meryl Streep.

It’s no wonder then that critics were curious to see Penn play a shuffling, pancaked aging ex-rock star named Cheyenne in Paolo Sorrentino’s “This Must Be the Place,” when it world premiered at Cannes. The film — in which Cheyenne embarks on a journey across America to avenge his father’s persecution in Auschwitz — was met with mostly negative responses (including a bashing from our own Eric Kohn, who wrote: “It’s far too much of a godawful mess to merit serious moral scrutiny.”)

Have a look at the trailer below to see Penn in action [Hat tip: Twitch].

Will you ignore what most critics had to say and check this out when it eventually hits theaters? Let us know in the comments.

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yes, please, film powers that be, do a US release! Sean Penn, Frances McDormand, Talking Heads soundtrack. Grazie, Paolo Sorrentino, for creating such a film. The brief scenes in the trailer teaser are but few frozen moments—-some of us need more. Might it be art? Please critics, let us decide for ourselves.

Marisa Torre

Yes, I will definitely see this.

phoebte T.

Ditto.AB…can’t wait…


I always ignore what critics say because after all its just their opinion.
they are not any smarter or knowledgeable about film then anyone else.
sean penn is the screen’s finest actor – ever –
and i’d see him in any film he makes..

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