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See “The Help” 12 Days Before It Opens & Help Rebuild An African American Neighborhood

See "The Help" 12 Days Before It Opens & Help Rebuild An African American Neighborhood

If you live in Madison, Mississippi, or anywhere close to that city, AND you’d like to get an early look at what will likely be one of the more polarizing films this year, The Help, AND you’ve got the money to spend, you’re in luck, because the first public screening of the film will be held on Saturday, July 30th at the Malco Grandview, 221 Grandview Boulevard, Madison, Mississippi. The rest of us won’t get to see it until August 10.

The screening is a fundraiser for Baptist Town Community Development Inc in its ongoing effort to revitalize the historic 100-year old African American neighborhood located in Greenwood, Mississippi, where parts of The Help take place.

The planned community center will include a reading and writing program, music, arts, film and theatre workshops, a computer lab and more, available to all residents.

So, you’ll also be contributing to a good cause, right?

Some stars of the film will attend the screening, although no word on who exactly will be there.

Ticket prices range from $100 just to watch the movie to $500 for what they’re calling the Director’s Package, which includes the following:

– a private theater screening of The Help with the stars of the movie – Saturday, July 30th, 1:30 pm
– cocktails and refreshments during the movie
– a private reception following the screening hosted by Governor and Mrs. Haley Barbour and honoring the stars of the film – Saturday, July 30th, 5:30 pm
– a “The Help” limited edition commemorative poster.

Interested? Click HERE to make your purchase.

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Damn I skipped over the Barbour reception part too. Post made me so mad. Don’t dare associate this movie with some save the po’ black folks pity party for white upper class donors. More evidence of how this movie is going to turn out and who the real intended audience is.


What the fizzuck!!!!

The White Citizen Council cheerleader Haley Barbour is hosting this. I know to stay clear of this “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no baby” mess of a movie.


{{{ hosted by Governor and Mrs. Haley Barbour }}}

Oh, how did I not notice this? Didn’t this guy once claim that the Jim Crow era wasn’t all that bad or something like that? If he is hosting this event that means he and his wife and perhaps fans of the book which further cements my opinion that the book waters down the terrorist-like activities used against black people in the great state of Mississippi during that point of time. I’m sure Governor Barbour though just loved his mammies and the old Uncle Toms he ran into. Those were the “good” Negroes.


“a private reception following the screening hosted by Governor and Mrs. Haley Barbour”

If I had the money, and a good cameraman (and Michael Moore chutzpah) i would pay a few thousand to have a nice chat with the grand dragon who refused to pardon 2 Black sisters for allegedly stealing what, $7.00 over a decade ago (one very ill with kidney failure), and only pardoned them after tons of bad press during campaign season. Let’s use the fundraiser money to finance a film about that, nevermind a community center.

Do they really think we are this stupid


That’s funny because from what I know about the best selling book, the black community, and the Civil Rights struggle it was going through during the period of the story, served no importance to the author. The two main black characters were there mostly to interact in the white world as maids and pay more devotion and attention to the white children that they raised more so than their own flesh and blood children. Sorry, Hollywood, but nice try.. The movie could be great but lets not try going overboard with the reach out to the black community because that is not in the spirit of the novel.


I guess I’m the only one excited for this film? I think it has the potential to be really good and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the source material, so I’m optimistic. There are some great talents involved (both black and white) so that’s what’s really keeping me interested. Of course I’d love to see the entire spectrum of black life more fully represented, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to hate on these types of stories. It may be familiar territory, but it seems like it could be getting a fresh spin here.


@Tashabilities – Powerful article!

Hollywood folks sure do keep us on our toes – forever trying to pull a fast one. It’s up to us to be vigilant and let them know that some things cannot be sugar-coated.

Black Butterfly

1st time commenting but long time reader.

I am so sick and tired of these type of movies! Really? Are the producers going to try to drum up viewers for this movie by chumming the waters?! They make me even more determined not to spend one dime to see this movie.


My first reaction to this movie was the same as for “The Blind Side”: I thought it was a joke.

I think the fact that Viola Davis passed on playing a Jamaican maid with 18 kids who lived in the projects looking after a little white boy who would spit at her and tell her to ‘go back to Jamaica’ to right after accept another maid role (looking all greasy and downtrodden) is very telling about the way Hollywood sees this beautiful dark skinned woman and the types of roles they offer her. I’ll pass on this “feel-good” movie. My white savior propaganda quota has been filled for this lifetime.


If they need a community center they should just go about it like everyone else – government grants and public donations. Who the hell in Greenwood, Mississippi would pay $100 and up to watch this movie? Won’t be any black folks – maybe a few tokens. They’d get better results through a twitter campaign or contacting black media outlets.

eshowoman, the cranky film critic

Maybe part of my ire against this movie is because I was not born in the states. But why the hell would black folks want to see another white people save the poor darkies movie?

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