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Singer Amy Winehouse DEAD at age 27

Singer Amy Winehouse DEAD at age 27

Today brought tragic news. Talented singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse was found dead this morning in a London flat. According to TMZ, the authorities have yet to determine the cause of death.

From TMZ (via the Metropolitan Police):

“Police were called by London Ambulance Service to an address in Camden Square NW1 shortly before 16.05hrs today, Saturday 23 July, following reports of a woman found deceased.

On arrival officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene.

I’ll be completely honest here…I guess we cannot speculate on how she died until the official inquiry is complete; however, most of us that have been fans of hers and have followed her career since she came on the scene, know that she was a very troubled young woman. I have to say that a couple of years ago, I said I was through with Ms. Winehouse and yet, I still listened to her music. I believed (and still do) that she was an extremely talented person. It is beyond sad that this has come to pass and that a life so young and with so much promise could be silenced this soon. I extend my condolences to her family and friends. I believe in the end, through her lyrics and music, Amy will be remembered at her most beautiful and vulnerable best; that will be her legacy.

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Donnie Leapheart

I didn’t direct my comments to any one in particular….but if the show fits, etc etc…

The Maury Show is staged? WTF? All those men really AREN’T the fathers?! SMH


Huuummmm… “Maury Show hoodrats” …
“psuedo-intellectual black people” …. “name calling” …
” my name is Donnie Leapheart and I come here to quickly devolve just for someone saying something I don’t agree with”…. huuummmmmm? :-)


You realize the Maury Show is staged, don’t you?

Donnie Leapheart

I must admit I mainly only check Shadow and Act for the Comments Section. Its always refreshing to see the psuedo-intellectual black people here quickly devolve into name calling just for someone saying something they don’t agree with. That Maury Show hoodrat is buried within our DNA, no matter how many graduate degrees you have…


Russell Brand’s response to Amy Winehouse’s death says it all for me.


Of course Winehouse’s death has something to do with Black people!

Now maybe Sharon Jones can get more deserved shine:


“I don’t know why the person that posted this article decided to write about Amy Winehouse. What does a white Jew have to with black film? … I just don’t see the reason to put this disgusting junkie on this blog! It just doesn’t make any sense”

Orville Orville Orville Redenbacher, haven’t you been reading along? Your brand of dirty, racist, stupid and rediculous popcorn has been addressed by many in this tread.

And, if you have been reading S & A, you know your brand, flavor, feedback has hit the floor before…

Take a look… “Since when does S&A care about fashion?? If I was curious about Lisa Raye or Stacey Dash style I would of read it on a fashion blog NOT on S&A”

Now we all know Monique can handle her business, but I had to get her back on this one. I doubt she will address your latest comment, but let me remind folks of what she said and then I’ll close this out. Monique said: “ we cover all aspects of film and television at Shadow and Act. Yes, if you don’t like it, you are welcome to get your film news elsewhere. We have sat back and watched a lot of comments fly with untruths, digs on our character and alike – whether it be about the integrity of the site or otherwise. I stated a simple truth; If you do not like the articles or quality of writing here, there are other alternatives”

So Orville (gotta be a white guy from Canada with a name like Orville), you may have a thang about Jews and drug addicts, but your comment was… is… well… simply way out of line and very distasteful, imo.


“Carey’s long ass posts always get skipped”

And that’s certainly your prerogative.

Malcolm said if a person does not have “detractors”/die hard critics, they are not doing a damn thang that anyone give a fat fu*k about. Well, he didn’t say it exactly like that but I am sure you get my drift. But since you took the time to post your comment, thanks for the feedback.

And come to think of it, I don’t remember one damn thang you’ve ever said, so what do you think I feel about YO comments. Huh- yeah, right, you, the “other song” has no song so your comments are being skipped by default.

But in the end, there are probably many that agree with you (THAT I know), but do you baby, and everything will be alright in the morning, even if you hate my guts *lol*

** Some folks are just so damn insecure and jealous that all they know how to do is talk geechie, hate and drive-by with words of no wisdom **

How you like me now *smile*? Oh that’s right, you don’t read my comments… but some do.

Baby, in short, get you some business, stay on yo lane, and find your crowd.


i think it is important for younger generations that we do not romanticize Amy’s unfortunate demise. her death is certainly a complicated issue for us all… I would venture to say, going the way she was going, if she didn’t choose on some level to change, the path that she was on was surely leading toward death. A choice is being made even if one is not consciously choosing.

having said that, it is always hard to lose someone in the collective who has extraordinary gifts, especially as we are surrounded by a gluttony of mediocrity in all fields, including the entertainment industry. her musical integrity and legacy will live on for generations.

i wish she would/could have said ‘yes’ to rehab, but that wasn’t her life path. i respect that and wish her well on her journey. rip. namaste.


I don’t know why the person that posted this article decided to write about Amy Winehouse. What does a white Jew have to with black film?
Is it because Winehouse was a white chick that sang soul music or wannabe soul music? Because I just don’t see the reason to put this disgusting junkie on this blog!

It just doesn’t make any sense. Winehouse was extremely overrated and she wasn’t that great a singer either. I am sorry but I will not be saying the same crap other people are saying. Amy Winehouse had money she could have gotten therapy and treatment for her addiction but decided not to.

other song

Carey’s long ass posts always get skipped.

RIP to Amy. I really liked “Valerie”


Damn. I was hoping she would make it.

While other 20s something sing about bs or rainbows like they’re still in Jr. High, Amy’s lyrics cut deep.

She was a very talented singer and writer.


“No disrespect intended to those who followed her career and are mourning her loss, but I knew that this was going to happen”

No disrespect taken but please come on! You KNEW this was going to happen… how so? Did you know it was going to happen to Robert Downing Jr. or Samuel Jackson? Yeah, when Robert Downing was found naked in a stangers house, after multiple drug arrests,did you know he would die? Of course not, because he and Samuel have recovered. SMDH at those kind of comments, espeacially from someone who is close to 60 years old.

I am here to tell you that less than 1% ever make it through this storm, but it does happen. It’s a hard, long, lonely and treacherous, but with love, hope and faith, some make it to the other side. And, nobody knows who will be chosen.

And again, Artbizzy painted an exact picture of the road ahead. It’s all of the following and much much more. Suicide become a viable option….

“And it is easy to judge if you haven’t experienced it yourself or saw it up close and personal. The anger and the rage at the person for doing this to themselves, to you, the codependence, the enabling, the isolating, the interventions, the off the wagon, back on the wagon and on and on and most importantly the love, the helplessness, the despair the glimpses of hope. I have known people to come out the other side of this and those who are still caught up”

blksista, you know something that nobody else in the whole wide world knows.


No disrespect intended to those who followed her career and are mourning her loss, but I knew that this was going to happen.

This reminds me so much of 1970, when both Jimi and Janis died within a few months/weeks of each other. That shocked the hell out of us high school kids who thought of Jimi as the original guitar god, and that Janis was the white queen of the blues, to the point where some of our number stopped cold doing whatever shit they were into.

From what I understand, the woman had decided to go back to rehab. My feeling is that she continued to do shit, and well…we all know what resulted.

I saw Winehouse as one strange, sad, but extremely talented woman who somehow got it –more than other white singers–regarding the depths and highs of blues and soul. Unfortunately, the ultimate question is whether she was better doing shit and writing and singing or merely writing and singing. Her demons and her voracious appetites for dope, drugs and drink made even creativity challenging for her–as it did for many as diverse as Lady Day and Richard Pryor. And we may never know the true answer to that question…

James Madison

I enjoyed her music and it’s fidelity to Black music. Great talent.


Donnie Leapheart

In defense of RaulVega, the subtitle of this blog says it all…No relevance.

Having said that, The Shadow and Act team still reserve the right to post whatever they darn well want, even pics of their nephew’s 5th birthday party if they chose to…lol


She will continue to sing on her new plane.

Wherever you are, you will continue to spread joy with your gifts.

This is another good moment to remind ourselves to be compassionate. People want to continue painting her as a public nuisance…Understanding addiction, truly understanding it requires, a pure heart and patience.


I was deeply saddened by this news. Amy was a tremendous talent. I was rooting for her recovery. RIP.


Thanks Ladybug,

And artbizzy, I see you know what you are talking about.

You said: “The anger and the rage at the person for doing this to themselves, to you, the codependence, the enabling, the isolating… and most importantly the love, the helplessness, the despair the glimpses of hope”

Yes, you’ve been somewhere! I tell people all the time that the family is just as “addicted” as the “addict” and they go through similar “pain”.

There are so many stereotypes and myths about those that are trapped by an addiction. As I said in my comment, I’ve been around all types of “addicts” and most did not look like the stereotypical image of one. One man was the CEO of one of the first corporations in China. I later sat court side with him at a Bulls Game. He didn’t win his battle. The FBI agent smoked a hit of crack to convince a “perp” that he wasn’t the man, but after that encounter, the drug had his ass and he couldn’t get out.

So, again, when I saw this news I really felt Amy’s pain and the pain of her family. It was REAL relevant for me.

Yeah, “one day at a time“, and there’s another phrase you may have heard… “You have to give it away, in order to keep it”.

That means I have to share what I’ve gained by going through my storm, in order to keep my rewards. The following is from my journal years ago. I had nobody left to talk to, so I cried in my journal.

*Journal notes, May thru July, 199*:

“I am down on the ground. My demons have kicked my ass. I lost my home. I went to jail for a major crime. I am lost, I don’t know how to do this thang called life. Man, I am lost. I have no real friends, they are all gone. I do have one friend named Gerald who has saved me on several occasions. He too lost his wife so he can relate to this journey. However, that is our only similarities. Yet he has truly been a real friend and I am blessed to have one.
Cont….I am broke and jobless. I have no direction, yet I still have dreams and hope. I am lost but I haven’t given up. I am lonely, I am blessed. I am continually amazed at the blessing that have come my way in spite of myself. I like nothing about my life. I am trapped in this nightmare and I continually go down and down. I’ve lost my way. I still have dreams and hope but I am lost. I’ve hurt my children by my self destructive ways. I have a wonderful daughter and a strong son. I’ve let them down. They need me and I need them. I have a grandson named after me. Yeah, my daughter named him after me and my son. Damn, what am I doing? How can I get right. I am drowning. I tried for days to fight this thang and I could not hold out. I went out and threw bricks at the penitentiary. I don’t know what to do. I am confused. I can’t do this on my own and I know it. I have to ask for help. I can’t do this on my own!

Cont…. Was not welcomed. I have past experiences with them. I’ll try something else but what? Further down, I am falling deeper into despair. The car stopped on me today. I have been hearing strange sounds coming from under the hood for about 2 weeks. Today I lost all my gages on the dashboard. Shortly after the car……..forget it. The car is dead! My demon is rampant.

Pain-hope-death-jail-depression-fear-love-work-jobless-breadline-salvation army-homeless-no running water-no lights-stealing-lying-church-calling out to god-loss of my children’s respect- a GRANDSON! Depression-lights aglow- hope on the horizon-dark tunnels-awake to emptiness-loneliness-music-car problems- the loss of my best friend, my rock, my love …she is gone. Years without her. I’ve been floating on the brink of ……..of…….. nothingness. How could I go from earning six figures, to this degree of living? How, when …when will I know. I can’t give up!!! I must pray for the courage to fight. I love my kids. I think I did a good job of raising them. I showed them right and wrong. They are good people”

Btw, all, as I said this is what I now do, so I have a speaking engagements (on CD) that I could send you (or anyone). This is not a sale pitch, I pay the 5 bucks to send it and there is no cost. I don’t care if the address is a box car in Alaska. Part of my “recovery”, no matter how long I’ve been clean, requires me to give the message away. If you’re interested hit my e-mail and we’ll keep it close to our vests. It ain’t nobodies business what we do. I think you know the saying… “who you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here” and that’s what we will do.

I think you’ll find it enjoyable, informational, and you will surely get a few laughs.


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It just shows everyone that you can come back from addiction. It isn’t easy, and there is a long road ahead to get back to being sober, but it can be done.

Seriously? Amy Winehouse has pretty much been considered a soul singer so no, she isn’t in film or television or of African heritage, but why isn’t Shadow and Act allowed to post what they want on their blog? And why do you have to complain about it? Like VichusSmith said, ignore it. You don’t have to read it. And by the way, S&A has posted about musicians before, and the one I remember was the Beatles/Fela Kuti mash-up. Go check it out.


Yes, RaulVega, but stop reading it! Ignore it!


Amy Winehouses death isn’t truly relevant to the core values of the blog . . . but its important to note that the overall goal of the blog is to report on items that may be of interest to its readers . . . and the death of Amy Winehouse is big news. As many have stated below she was an enormous talent with enormous demons . . . many people were praying and hoping she would over come her addictions . . . and continue to make the great music she was known for.

She has joined the 27 Club with the likes of Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Kobain . . . I for one think its tragic . . . RIP Amy Winehouse!



The majority of this blog’s content is about cinema involving people of African heritage so no, it isn’t relevant to the site’s content. Plus, it really adds nothing for the readers who will encounter the news on sites that aren’t catered to niche markets.


CareyCarey, thanks so much for sharing your heart and your struggle with us. One day at a time! I have seen and experienced addiction close hand and know how difficult it can be for decent, beautiful talented human beings to shake what has taken hold of them. And it is easy to judge if you haven’t experienced it yourself or saw it up close and personal. The anger and the rage at the person for doing this to themselves, to you, the codependence, the enabling, the isolating, the interventions, the off the wagon, back on the wagon and on and on and most importantly the love, the helplessness, the despair the glimpses of hope. I have known people to come out the other side of this and those who are still caught up. I am so sorry to hear about Amy Winehouse. It is always a reminder of despite our strength as human beings, we are sensitve and even fragile. It is important to love and repect each other while we are here. And be kind to each other and our artists. People who choose to live their lives in any kind of field of self-expression tend to wrestle more with their demons on a regular basis. We truly need to respect people who have chosen to share their gifts with us because many do the work most of us are too busy and scared to do. Amy Winehouse stood on the shoulders of many of our own bluesand R&B singers and we know that most of that music came out of a particular experience of being black in the U.S. and wrestling with our own demons as we all try to discover for ourselves what it truly means to be free. R.I.P. Amy.


RIP. It’s terrible, drug addiction is a disease that of course deeply affects your judgment. She was extremely talented. I always hoped she’d overcome her addiction and keep making wonderful music.

No, I wouldn’t just say “I saw it coming.”


I don’t watch much news, so thanks for posting this Monique.

RaulVega said: “Terrible tragedy but I see little relevance to the content of this blog, especially with the story of 90+ dead in Norway being ignored. Her first hit was “REHAB”!!!! I doubt this surprises anyone”

What, no relevance? No surprises?

Well, if you have a little time, let me tell you a story about a man I know. This man had a college education, a loving wife and family, and a six figure job. He didn’t always make that kind of money, but he was never a candidate for the cheese line.

He owned his own home, his wife and children could dress with the best of them. Yet, through it all, he had a chronic addiction starting at the age of 18. I know that man because that man is a close friend of mine. He fell into that abyss – that deep dark dense blue world – not with the mind of Socrates or Euripides, but with with the mind – a common mind – a young mind – that didn’t know the power of love, nor the meaning of it.

At first glance, one would believe I am referring to the reciprocal love we receive and give another person. Oh no, he had that covered. He knew the dangers of giving one’s heart to another. On many levels, I saw the hurt and pain of that kind of love; that seemingly intoxicating, trance producing elixir, that propelled people to jump out windows, cut their wrist, and kill their lover who didn’t love them anymore. Those who kissed it’s lips, frequently bare witness to someone who wished they had not found love. No way was he – this wannabe intellectual – going to give his heart to another, to have them do as they pleased. Consequently, for many years he ran from any resemblance of an unconditional love – regardless of how nice and pleasant the women looked. He had serious doubts that he would ever find a love that would love him – till death do they part. Many opportunities came his way, but his mind was made up; that kind of love don’t love nobody.

Yet, trite but true, ignorance is bliss. He found a lover that always loved him back. She was a foreigner with chocolate brown skin and a sweet smell, all her own. She was quiet and humble and always made him smile. When he wrapped his arms around her, she made him feel like a king; holding him, loving him, never to let him go. The world was his oyster and she was his queen. Hip hip array for love at first sight. He found his dream come true.

But something was very mysterious about her. She didn’t require much. He could sleep in all day and stay out all night, yet she never said a word. She was loving him but, she was smoothing him; always by his side, married but not married, she was always there when he needed her. However, she was too much – to much love, the sex was right – she was always on his mind – even in his sleep. He wondered how he – this strong man – could have fallen so deeply in love. Not he, who kept a keen eye on his heart, this couldn’t be happening to him. But it was and he was scared, so he left, he ran, he ran to a place called Center City, Minnesota; a small town outside Minneapolis.
The place that my friend temporarily called home, was an enclave for the rich and famous. Politician and their children were there, along with a host of entertainers, airplane pilots, models, sports figures, and of course, the blue collar worker. There was even a couple of federal FBI agents. He, my friend, was the only black face in the crowd.

His lover called while he was away, but he didn’t answer her cries. He couldn’t, his mind was made-up. Yet, as the story goes, he did, however, eventually return to the comfort of her arms. Yet, before his return, he married another woman and she became his chick on the side.
In many ways, he loved the other woman more than his wife. His wife knew about her but she seldom broached the subject. He was a hard working father, and she and their children had all the material things in life. Yet, one day, she did say “you don’t love me, you love her”.

Well, I’ve often said that I don’t write much social commentary, nor gossip, and today is no different. So, today – since I plan on continuing the story (only if you care to read it) – I have to say the above “HE” is me. I wasn’t talking about a friend, I was giving a snap-shot of my life. And, the mentioned “enclave” is a place called Hazelton; the most prestigious drug and alcohol center in the USA. My lover; her name was HEROIN. Not the person but the drug. For many many years, I loved heroin, and it loved me back and I was hooked on her. I would die for her and even go to jail for her… the latter of which actually came to fruition.

So in short, there’s always hope I hurt for Amy, her family and all who are still in the struggle.

Another story about Whitney Houston…



The last time I checked, this blog was a film/entertainment blog. Now of course the tragedy in Norway is devastating and shocking, but it’s probably not going to be posted on this site. Sorry to burst your bubble. And yes, it DID surprise me because a lot of people can and have recovered from addiction. I was personally rooting for her, and I’m sad that we won’t have anymore great music from her.


I didn’t expect this, no more than I expect Whitney “show me the receipts” Houston to die tomorrow. Regardless of her troubles, this is truly heartbreaking. I was hoping she’d get it together. RIP Amy.


Quite a shock. Last time I heard about her, one of her tours was called one of the most terrible in recent memory. I guess things might have gone south from there.


Terrible tragedy but I see little relevance to the content of this blog, especially with the story of 90+ dead in Norway being ignored. Her first hit was “REHAB”!!!! I doubt this surprises anyone.


I think we all saw this coming


Insanely talented. This is tragic. RIP to Amy. God bless her family and friends.

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