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Singer Maxwell Added To Lee Daniels’ Film “The Paperboy”

Singer Maxwell Added To Lee Daniels' Film "The Paperboy"

Don’t know how we missed this news but accordingly to showbiz411 (via our sister blog The Playlist), soul singer Maxwell has been added to the Lee Daniels flick The Paperboy.

The film, based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel The Paperboy, centers on a pair of brothers who team-up to investigate the potential wrongful conviction of a death-row inmate.

The cast already includes John Cusack, Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron with Nicole Kidman in negotiations to also star.

No word on what Maxwell’s role will be.

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@ Carey Carey, You’re right, it’s funny… In a roundabout way we tend to always agree. Got love for you Carey!!!


Umm, ok. This is Lee Daniels, so…..

@JMac, I am a huge fan of Maxwell, the singer but I agree…he isn’t the strongest live singer. However, he sounded great in that VH1 special recently.

eshowoman, the cranky film scholar

He will play the convict or the third assistant from the right.


“The bottom line brother [Carey] is that, just as you have a right to lambaste us for our viewpoints and opinions we as avid film viewers and lovers have a right to question the decision of those who make films and feed us sub par material and talent”

Darkan, you are absolutely correct, and I am not begrudging anyone for voicing their opinions. I am saying a person is responsible for their opinions and there are always consequences behind what we say and do. I think we can agree on that.

But don’t look now because there are more than a few who are blasting Sergio for voicing his “opinion“, right here

And he’s taking it like a true soldier… he is staying in the fight; supporting and standing by his position. He is not talking his ball and running home, as some do when things are not going their way.

Darken, although we are somewhat disagreeing, I believe we are seeing eye to eye.


@ Carey Carey. The bottom line brother is that, just as you have a right to lambast us for our viewpoints and opinions we as avid film viewers and lovers have a right to question the decision of those who make films and feed us sub par material and talent and EXPECT us to support their films. Especially regarding the point that THERE ARE (which you may disagree Carey) sooo many up and coming young black actors who have been busting their asses and would kill for the role that Maxwell is just so easily given. . I personally will not be supporting this film or anything else in regards to anything that Lee Daniels makes. His films are all based in shock factor as was the debacle Precious.


@Carey-LMBAO I read your post on OLDBOY but didn’t comment because I was late to your party, but you’re right on man.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…it’s just a blog LOL




@ Jug, I knew, I knew you’d bring this home. I mean, that’s what I like about you, you’re not afraid to tell the whole truth. You’re not afraid to say “I see your point & it’s very valid” and then agree that some of our tomfoolery IS knee-jerk reactions. But then you go on to give detailed/concise examples to support you opinion/take. For instance your take on some of the “actors” in The Wire and Treme, that was right on, right on spot. And then you went on to give your take on what constitutes a “good” actor… “There is a real skill to understanding intent, purpose, energy on film or on stage. To come “alive” but seeming as if you are not “on”…understanding scene, emotional technique, give & take, pacing, etc etc”

Yep, again, your take makes sense and is very understandable.

Then we smoked a piece pipe with… “Might Maxwell’s final product be good? Yes. Is he an amazingly talented individual? HELL yes”

So yeah, I AM full of P&V today LMAO! But you know what man, I am constantly checking my motives and I try to think before I let some unsubstantiated BS come out of my mouth. I don’t always reach that goal, but in a selfish way and maybe living with a never to be achieved and unreasonable ideology, I however expect the same from others. It’s my problem when I allow myself to get frustrated when I hear others give unsubstantiated and foolish opinions (I‘ve been there and do that), and then they cry po me, when someone asks that they bring something to support their opinion.

Well, check this. In response to a post on Spikes upcoming movie “oldboy” and his “American Gangster” I posted a comment that I doubt many read (I was late to the party) , however, in retrospect, I believe this post is a more fitting place to spread my wings. So…. one mo time….

“I agree with his take on Brolin, however, I must be one of the few who thought “American Gangster” was a very enjoyable film? Well, maybe my affection for the movie has a lot to do with the core issues of the movie and the time period. I mean, I thought most of the acting was great but the subject matter hit my sweet spot. Maybe I shouldn’t say “sweet spot” but I too was a drug smuggler during the Viet Nam War. As suggested by the movie, the US military was a major source/route of drug transportation from southeast Asia. And yes, I have a true live story of how I was part of that mix. I wasn’t as big as Frank Lucas but making thousands of dollars a day was no problem. I would get on US military planes, fly over, make the deal and send it back via military transportation. But lets move on”

Jug, I guess I am saying I get tired of folks going off and blasting our black actors, and talking about shit they know little or nothing about, as illustrated by many of the comments below. I say, stand on “your” mess, clean up yo side of yo street, and don’t be afraid of what others my “think” of you. Besides, this is a damn twilight zone of no names and no faces. Can’t nobody hurt you up in here. Only a zip fool or an utterly deeply insecure person would worry about the opinions of someone they’ve never met, and likely will never meet. So this is a good practice field to let it all hang out and double fk the haters and the small minded.

But in the end, it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, and I’ll be filled with P&V and all that sh*t *lol*. Many will disagree with me, and I’ll return the “favor” and the flavor.

Now, for those that may be cussing me and calling me dirty low down names *smile*, back atcha, cus I got more “love” to give. :-)


I saw this post last night before I turned in and almost posted “Wow, can Maxwell act? Oops, I forgot. He doesn’t need to.” Didn’t want to be called a hater but I see I wasn’t the only who saw this and thought WTF! and then that perhaps Daniels is trying to get on black women’s good side after Precious and Monster’s Ball. There’s still a hit out on this dude in black hair salons across the nation, lol.

I gotta ride on Jug’s post about the singer vs. real singer/ actor vs. real actor aspect. If you put today’s singers on American Idol, Randy would need to record “it’s a little pitchy dawg” to save his voice. They ain’t no Evelyn Champagne King that’s for damn sure (okay so I saw her recent Unsung episode and she’s still got “it)”. You’ve gotta have “it” but you need in depth teaching/grooming at the same time so you can control and mold “it” to its highest potential. Having one but not the other just doesn’t cut it. It’s damn near impossible to shove years and years of teaching and practice into a couple of of months or a year.

Personally, I’d rather listen to Maxwell’s album than see him in concert. He struggles so much to get a song out, it’s almost painful to watch. True, his stage fright may have a little something to do with it in addition to a weak, uncomfortably high voice. Hopefully here, he’ll have a very minor role in this film and do a decent job without succumbing to nerves. Make us proud Max! -as much as you can.


@Carey-Daaaaaamn man LOL You are full of P&V today! LOL I see your point & it’s very valid. Everyone has the ability to Act, but not everyone CAN Act. And I think the trick of it is, film & television creates a medium by which someone can become an “actor” without really having to “Act”. I love THE WIRE & TREME, but watch the “actors” who are just regular people from those areas, some of the worst, flat acting you will EVER see. There is a real skill to understanding intent, purpose, energy on film or on stage. To come “alive” but seeming as if you are not “on”…understanding scene, emotional technique, give & take, pacing, etc etc. Those things often get done for you by the camera & editor. And the good ones usually get separated from the others because of not only their final product but also their work ethic on set. That word gets around.

It’s really only been in the last 20-25 years or so that singers have reeeeally started to have technology at their fingertips where they can be considered a true “singer”, when it is voice tracks & modulated sound within an inch of its life.

In the 80s & 90s you had “video” stars..couldn’t put on a live show to save their life but were amazing in MTV videos. Might Maxwell’s final product be good? Yes. Is he an amazingly talented individual? HELL yes, but the kneejerk reaction is from years upon years, especially with black singers in films, is that they have lackluster to non-existing acting talent or even really care-but a name that will get asses in the seats. To me, it really says a lot about folks’ idea of “quality” when it comes to Cinema. Even movies back in the day with Elvis were primarily musicals & the “acting” requirements were kept to a minimum (*cough* Beyonce *cough*). Sinatra movies were more about “swagger” than they were about Oscar (except for stuff like MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE).

I know it’s not right but there is a track record where you can see where that bias comes from. And I’m speaking from my own experience of “wtf is that rapper doing in that?!?” LOL


What, Lenny Kravitz was too busy filming “The Hunger Games” or something? Or perhaps Lenny’s presence would have led to some tension with former girlfriend, Nichole?

I’ve been complaining about Daniels’ casting of black performes for years. With white people he never seems to stray when it comes to movies he is directing and/or producing. He always casts professional white actors. With black folks he is willing to go the route of stunt casting by going for musicians who at best make acting a sort of part time job they do between records. Not even Tyler Perry relies so heavily on stunt casting.

I swear the only reason why he didn’t use some black female singer to play Precious is because the black females that are intentionally sought out to be music stars these days look like Beyonce, Alisha and Rhianna.


Lee Daniel’s must have really been groovin’ to Maxwell’s song “til the Cops Come Knockin'” and that’s why he chose Maxwell for this crime drama. Yup, well, that’s all I got for this one, folks.


Look folks, Sade’s concert is the best of the year, okay. Hands down, her concert is like being in heaven. Well, that’s what the women sitting next to me said, and I was like… okay, I can get with that. Tickets are $160.00 a pop, but that’s a bargain. Do you here me… Luther, Beyounce, Jill Scott, Prince, Kim, Mary J and Kim’s concerts can’t touch this one. Oh, and Maxwell’s concert had ladies throwing their panties on the stage, so please yawl, why are you guys so quick to vilify the man before he even get on the stage/film.

I always thought that was the most ridiculous argument… pitting singers against “actors”. Yeah, WTH is an actor anyway? What separates them from a pipe fitter, singer or a ho who can act? No, seriously, err’ body that calls themselves an “actor” can’t act. And everyone that goes to school or acting classes to be an actor, CAN’T ACT. Damn, if this is another way to stomp on Lee Daniels, go ahead, do your thang, but every silent voice is not sleep.

I pity the fool who leaps and jumps before he looks.

“CareyCarey, what does any of this have to do with Sade?”

Well, I loved the Sade concert, you know, so I was talking about something I know, as apposed to those who are beating up Maxwell and Lee Daniels before they ’ve even seen the damn movie, not to mention they do not even know what part the man is playing. Somebody even mentioned Daniel’s sexuality. So I am basically saying watch whose ass you’re biting on, and whose nut sack you’re swinging on, because if their dumb ass jumps out the window, guess who’s following, as illustrated by Darkan coming up in here with “Ms Daniels sure does love her singers. (Mariah, Lenny and now Maxwell.) SMDH”


@Accidental-If you ain’t said nothin’ but a word! When I’ve made comments about some of the “creative” decisions by black filmmakers I’ve gotten taken to task. And that’s cool, but as you so wonderfully pointed out, the proof is in the pudding.

Whatever the reason those black singers are in the movie (Lenny was supposed to be Andrew Young for god sakes), THEY ARE IN THE MOVIE. But let it be the “other” role, it’s Helen Mirren & John Cusack all day errday LOL

Filmmakers want their movie Made. Period.


He’s probably playing the black dude in jail who helps the lead character on death row write letters to his lady back home (because the black guy can read & write & the white guy can’t).

Off shoot of magical negro? LOL


Maxwell???!!! Doing and playing what? I didn’t even know he acted. Ms Daniels sure does love her singers. (Mariah, Lenny and now Maxwell.) SMDH


I never seen Maxwell in a movie before. I am not sure if he can act either but he is hella talented musically. This should be very interesting.

But Zac Efron??? High school musical Zac Efron is attached to this?? Hmm…I don’t consider him much as an “actor” but okay. I guess we just have to wait and see.


I don’t know what else to say…

Has Maxxy acted before?

@ AccidentalVisitor,
He always casts professional white actors. With black folks he is willing to go the route of “stunt casting”…

Good point. Things that make you go…hmmm.

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