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So How Did “Attack The Block” Do This Weekend?

So How Did "Attack The Block" Do This Weekend?

Actually pretty damn good all things considering. The film opened in only 8 theaters across the country making a total of $130,000 with an average of $16,250 per screen.

That makes it the highest grossing film per screen, better than The Smurfs which came in second with $10, 660 per screen average, though it opened in 3,395 screens nationwide.

Of course Block will break out in more movie screens during the next few weeks, as the very positive word of mouth gets out. Hell, I’m planning to see it again and I”m getting the blu-ray DVD when it comes out too.

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I’m taking my two daughters to see the film.

Dankwa Brooks

@dcmoviegirl “I wish it would have opened on more screens. :(” I hear ya, but as a director friend of mine in L.A. said, the slow rollout is how they USED to do it until Jaws came through and changed the game. The distributor (Screen Gems) has been in this game for a minute and knows the industry so who are we to question them. It is their investment. I can’t see them NOT rolling it out to more “urban centres” like Philly and yes D.C. I’m not holding out too much hope for Baltimore since sometimes we get overlooked. ‘I Will Follow’ never played here :(

HOWEVER, I did see the Advance Screening here in Baltimore so… Signed “Optimistic Joe” LOL

Geneva Girl

I’m so glad you posted this. I was quite curious – and disappointed that it didn’t open in Philly yet. I’m in the States and trying to see everything I possibly can. Interestingly, Attack the Block is opening in Switzerland on August 10th. I’m hoping that it will be shown in VO.


I hope it comes to DC. I really want to see it.


That’s. What’s. UP


I wish it would have opened on more screens. :(

Dankwa Brooks

Great to hear! I hope this film has much success and I totally agree with Sergio! I want to see it again and I will buy it on Blu-Ray!


It would have made at least $20 more if it had opened up in the DC area (my neck of the woods). If I was still 20 with no work responsibilities I would have probably travelled to NYC this weekend with friends just to see it. Ah, the good ol’ days. :)

James Madison

Thanks for posting this Sergio!

I wanted to know how the film did numbers wise.

I am hoping more people go and see it, and when the DVD comes out, I will add it to my collection as well.

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