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Spike Jonze Directing Video For New Beastie Boys Single… With Action Figures

Spike Jonze Directing Video For New Beastie Boys Single... With Action Figures

We might be a couple of years away from Spike Jonze‘s last feature, the tremendous “Where the Wild Things Are,” with only the loosest of movements towards his next, a reunion with writer Charlie Kaufman, but the director hasn’t been idle. He’s helmed a terrific short film, “I’m Here,” as well as collaborations with two of the best bands around, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire, on “Drunk Girls” and “Scenes of the Suburbs.” And now, it looks like the director’s coming full circle, teaming up once again with one of the bands with whom he launched his music video directing career.

Yes, Jonze is getting back with the Beastie Boys for the first time in over a decade, as Pitchfork bring news from the band’s official site that the helmer will direct a clip for a cut from their latest record, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. Jonze is currently working on two clips — one short and one “epic length” for album highlight “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win,” a collaboration with Santigold.

The director and group previously worked together on the hugely influential clips for “Sabotage” and “Sure Shot,” and it sounds like the new one will be just as formally playful — they call it “an explicit action adventure spectacular… It features action figures of us… and yes, they are ACTION figures, NOT dolls!” and from the looks of the preview image posted by the band, it looks like we might be in for a pint-sized take on “Inception.”

Anyway, even if Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is something of a disappointment by the band’s standards, we’re sure the Jonze videos will be worth watching. They’re meant to hit before the end of the month: we’ll be sure to give you a heads up when they finally arrive. In the meantime, listen to the original track below.

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I am pretty f*cking bummed out that one of my favorite directors and favorite bands is moving forward with releasing a video that is so clearly stealing from the work of outsider (not to mention disabled and broke!) artist Mark Hogancamp (not just a “homage”, but a blatant theft). Hogancamp is a supremely gifted artist who only reluctantly decided to share his very, very personal work with the world … only to have his thunder stolen and his distrust in the motives of “the outside world” confirmed. It may be true that “this is how things happen” in Hollywood but for f*cks sake couldn’t the powers that be scrape up SOME morals when it comes to the life of a person as rare, vulnerable and deeply in need of funds as Hogancamp? Watch the documentary “Marwencol” and realize that his living & financial situation has not changed too significantly since. Very pissed off out to hear that this brave and unique soul, who continues to struggle in trusting others after the tragedy that befell him in 2000, is still getting stolen from. I truly hope Jonez & the Beasties give this man the credit and compensation he deserves for whatever watered-down Marwencol impersonation they eventually release. Would be pretty disappointing if they didn’t.


“Where The Wild Things Are” tremendous? Hot Sauce Committee Part Two a disappointment? What is this backwards day?


Really dig SJ, BTW, despite his recent misstep. To hear that he plans to do another film with Charlie makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

@Timmy: Get over what?


“Marwencol” was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the still, too.

And good lord, the comments are these parts sure have been bitchy lately.


Where the Wild Things Are tremendous? That’s a laugh.

Joe, G.I.

Looks an awful lot like Marwencol. Will the amnesiac sue? Stayed tuned next week….

Timmy Townsend's Tantalizing Teacup

Mishu: It’s impressive when you’re snarkier than this blog. Congrats. It’s an opinion. Get over it.


You didn’t really say that “Where the Wild Things Are” was tremendous, did you? Please tell me you were being ironic.

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