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Spike Lee Set to Remake Revenge Flick “Oldboy”?

Spike Lee Set to Remake Revenge Flick "Oldboy"?

Directed by Park Chan-Wook, Oldboy is the South Korean thriller that originally took the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. Spike Lee is the most recent director in talks to helm the project, as rumors of a US remake have lingered since 2008.

Oldboy centers on a man held prisoner for 15 years, only to learn that he must find his captor within 5 days of his release. According to Twitchfilm, the film moves forward with at Mandate Pictures with Mark Protosevich (Thor, I Am Legend) as writer and Doug Davison and Roy Lee producing.

Lee is considered a surprising choice to helm the remake, as a host of Hollywood heavyweights including Will Smith and Steven Spielberg have been linked to the project over the years.

Considering Smith’s recent rejection of the title role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, we can only wonder if he’ll maintain involvement, in any capacity, with the Oldboy remake.

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Dankwa Brooks

I finally saw OldBoy and reviewed it at


@ Jug

When I said, “we are tearing him down” I mean the mass of people who choose to be Spike haters. I don’t know why you choose to ignore everything I said, to ONLY highlight that we are “tearing him down” all I am saying is we should support African-Americans directors, producers because there is NOT much of us “making it” in the film industry.

Spike being a millionaire has nothing to do with it. And what’s wrong about speaking your mind? To me he is the ONLY honest outspoken director out there why should he be censored to please white folks?? I don’t know what’s wrong with the majority of people who think Spike can’t make huge bucks selling at the box office he is an accomplished director and he has paved the way for many upcoming Black filmmakers over the years.

Jug I think it is better to support rather than hold on to personal issues where are you right now?? You are writing on a blog while Lee is making business plans y’all can call him whatever you want and poke jokes at his films that were unsuccessful but he is better off than most of you!


The original is one of my all time favorite films, so I don’t condone remaking it at all.


@Lynn-*sigh* I can see that you truly don’t understand anything I’ve written or what anyone else on here has written. We actually agree on Spike, we just do it differently but whatever.

You keep doing you, and keep on supportin’!


@Lynn-And how the hell are we “tearing this man down”?! This man is A) a MILLIONAIRE & B) has been doing this to people for over 2 decades, saying what he thinks.

Are you kidding me Lynn?! Whatever man LOL


@Lynn-And what I’m saying to you is it’s extremely hard for ANYONE. But you have to be good & continue to be good. And anytime you’re in the public, you are going to be judged. Comes with the territory.

But let me say, maybe you missed where I was happy Spike may be doing OLD BOY? Maybe you missed how I posted the link about how Spike was getting screwed and won big in a European court regarding MIRACLE? Maybe you can’t conceive of loving an artist & their work, but not liking everything they do or create, I don’t know.

I seriously wonder, if this were a sport like football or basketball, where the overwhelming number of practitioners are Black, would this be an issue with you? Or would you have issues with everyone still, who didn’t like LeBron but liked Kobe, “screaming where’s the unity”? Still an arena overwhelmingly run AND owned by white people…

Do you know what real “unity” is Lynn? It’s telling each other the truth…to bring EVERYONE involved up, raise EVERYONE’S game to the next level. Any good director/coach will tell you that, through the notes he gives the cast/team. Those who just blow smoke up each other’s asses, tell you you’re great & wonderful…sycophants…that’s a recipe for mediocrity or still worse, garbage product.

If that’s okay with you, cool. You like it, I love it. But I try to keep standards, for myself and for those I aspire to be like.
I support with my dollar, first & then with my voice, second. Because if it’s one thing Hollywood does, is follow models. And if the model followed is a “poorly made black film with religious overtones”, then guess what the next movie is going to be? We are too talented, too brilliant & have come waay too far to SETTLE. So in terms of art, I celebrate those things or people that try to be “better”, not necessarily “positive”, but “better” meaning the best they can be. Good screwball comedy, sex comedy, romance, action film, character drama, sci-fi, film noire, even horror. Do it well, regardless of “who rules” what (bcuz if black people were in power it would be no different), don’t half ass it & then act like your shit don’t stink & have an attitude all the damn time & blame it on the white man.

Spike may not agree with what I “say” but I think he would agree with having standards & not settling for less. Otherwise why do this, why do anything.


@ Jug

I didn’t mean to step on your toes I was just curious about your disinterest on certain topics that’s all. I am NOT saying you should like a director just because he/she is Black. I was trying to make a point that the Film/TV industry is ruled by predominantly whites and that it is extremely difficult for Blacks who have years of film credits who are well qualified by the way to get work in Hollywood. I was just suggesting that we must support one another we don’t have to like everything that Spike Lee, Tyler Perry or Lee Daniels offers us but I mean support in a sense were we must “unite” without tearing each other down.

Oh, and I have been visiting this blog ever since it started so I am familiar w/ much of what you say and how you express things about certain directors, producers, writers etc.


@Lynn-Trust me, I don’t feel picked on. If anything, I love the fact that you feel the need to question my statements. I don’t know how long you’ve been coming to this blog, but my comments of adoration or dissatisfaction are equal to everyone-across the board-bar none. I’ve been taken to task for my feelings regarding Spielberg of late, but you may have missed that. But I also love the films of Fuqua, or Kasi Lemmons, or Tarantino or Tom Hanks & Ben Affleck. But if they do some crap, I call it out-why? Because they ask for my money, so they can get my feelings too.

Anyway, what I don’t do, and will never do, is like someone or something JUST because they are black. It make me WANT to root for you more, but you still have to show up come game time. That is how we get Tyler Perry type product. Incidentally, on many a post (if you read them) you would’ve seen my raves about Tyler Perry & his business acumen, while at the same time disparaging the parts of it that screw people over (a necessary evil in business, don’t take it personally). But I don’t care for his actual films one iota, but you will never hear me call him a “coon” or “Uncle Tom” or whatever. Ever.

I guess everything has to be mutually exclusive with you? Don’t know what it means, look it up.

I made those comments about Spike because I grew up with SCHOOL DAZE, JUNGLE FEVER, DO THE RIGHT THING, DROP SQUAD, GET ON THE BUS, and of course, MALCOLM X (quite possible one of my all time favorite movies-period). But since Spike Lee has become “Spike”, people feel the need to give him a pass. I do not. Just like I won’t give Denzel (or Kevin Spacey) a pass for being “Denzel” in just about every movie he’s in, but also rehashing the same actor “isms” in his last three or four films. I say the same thing about myself, or Al Pacino, or Bruce Willis, or any other person that puts themselves out there for the sake of their work, but strives to be better each time they hit the stage/screen.

That’s how I know you read what I wrote & said “Aww man, this guy is just hatin’ on Spike! Crabs in a bucket”. Well, call it what you will, but I don’t “hate”, I speak from my perspective based out of the facts of dealings in Hollywood, clear logical thinking with an unbiased sentiment toward Spike-precisely because I love him so as a filmmaker AND an artist. Spike has lost something over the years, that made his first few films special, not just as art, but as craft. If you can’t see that, then I question your aesthetic as an artist (you do act, right?)

And again, nor am I “bitter”-I also understand you don’t know the definition of the word to use it so loosely to describe my statements of situations regarding Spike-if it were about critiquing, then you would have to call every journalist in the world & YES on this blog-Bitter.

And why is it that other black filmmakers who choose to make films about shit blowing up rather than about Jim Crow South or the economic hardships of Newark, NJ, that they are “sellouts”? If all you see when you look at a script or an actor or a project is “blackness”, then you are no better than the white people who dismiss you for your skin color. EXTREMELY limited scope. Your art suffers.

But to put it down simply so you can understand and are no longer confused-If Spike made more films with the quality of MALCOLM X & INSIDE MAN and not GIRL 6 or SHE HATE ME, than I would commend him. When he doesn’t, I don’t. Movies are to damn expensive to go & see some crap.

Simple enough, Lynn?


I apologize if I am picking on you a bit I know you love Spike and you hate at the same time and so do many of his supporters (like me). I just didn’t understand you rant from that post a few days ago.


I have nothing much to say about this project. I think Spike Lee is a talented director and he is well qualified to lead this film. I would also like to comment on one particular users disinterest of Spike Lee and his many body works. That person is Jug I read your previous posts about Spike and I just think you are bitter every comment that comes from you is always something negative towards Spike why?? I just wanted to raise this issue he is doing his own thing and he is the ONLY outspoken African-American director who truly cares about the image/representation of “our” people in cinema.

What is really sad is that he has more haters than supporters part of that reason is his ongoing rants about crappy filmmakers and Blacks “selling out” in Hollywood. But as Black folks we need to support our own even if we dislike his/her work there is very few of us “making it” in lil-white Hollywood.


as rumors of a US remake have lingered since 2008.

Yeah. And yeah. And I agree with ‘eshowoman’. It’s much too heavy a film for Americana-mainstream.

Also, wasn’t the supposed talks years prior concerning a Will Smith involvement and that the new feature would be taken from the comic books and not copy the original.

But Spike? Okay! and Okay. And oooookay. Just do the original justice. Adapt don’t recreate. Extend don’t duplicate.

I just recommended this feature to someone on the other day.


Hmm, I wonder if this had anything to do with lackluster ticket sales for MIRACLE & then off to the “lockup”…

“You know all them motherfuckers are as crooked as a barrel of snakes.”-Ordell

Guess I’m on a Sam Jack riff this week LOL

Jeff Winbush

Spike was recently complaining he hadn’t been able to get a movie financed and made for three years. I hate to see him have to go the sequel/super hero/reboot route, but the brutha’s got to eat.


Now, with ALLL the stuff I said about Spike on the other post, if this is going down I’m EXCITED AS HELL! Not just for the movie, but for Spike. Seems like all the old heads are rebounding (Oscar talk for Spielberg, Scorsese’s 3D film) strong.

And can you imagine Spike & Big Will together? Crazy!


Dankwa Brooks

I agree with eshowoman. I read about this on ScreenRant and the original fim does seem impossible to translate. As it seems Hollywood is moving full steam ahead on this so it will probably get done and will more than likely be a “based on” rather than a full blown adaptation.

The Spike factor? He is a more than capabile director so if he’s hired he will do a good job on that aspect.

eshowoman, the cranky film scholar

Nothing, no one can beat the original. Too many taboos that you can’t reproduce in American cinema.

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