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“Stargate SG-1” Star Christopher Judge Joins “Dark Knight Rises” Cast

"Stargate SG-1" Star Christopher Judge Joins "Dark Knight Rises" Cast

I can finally confirm: I have been cast in ‘The Dark Knight Rises.

Words from Stargate SG-1 star Christopher Judge, posted on his Twitter page on Friday. I don’t follow the man on Twitter, so I missed this announcement; but thanks to our sister site, The Playlist, now we know. I guess I’ll start following him on Twitter now.

So what character will Judge play in Christopher Nolan’s final film in the revived Batman trilogy?.

Dunno… but I’m not expecting anything major, but who knows? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Ya know, while I saw the original Stargate movie, way back in the 1994, when I was just a little munchkin, I haven’t watched a single episode of the TV series that followed. Have you? Should I?

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Yes, yes you should.



Tamara said: I suppose, when standing on the shoulders of giants looking through to the next horizon of civilization and discovery—-the next frontier and the next and the next after that, “we” don’t (or won’t according to Hollyweird) exist (as much). Curses!”

Now that comment had me thinking. What if the US got tired of black folks and decided to call them all in. Hold up now, let me finish, don’t run from the light. What if they preempted all programming and told all African Americans to report to “staging areas”?

Okay, we know most black people have 1 gun – or none – and 6 bullets. But, for the sake of argument, lets say several have a bunch of weapons. But see, I doubt that would be enough because, first, they would tell all white folks to get out of the major cities and then bomb that bitch. You feeling me? That would corral a bunch of people of color. All your white buddies would then be nothing but white – not buddies – simply white. They sure wouldn’t run to the cities with your ass. Let alone hide you in their attic. That may have worked for Anne Frank but, the “hide the darkie in the attic” is only found in the movies. The US couldn’t find Bin “Thin” Latin, but they’ll find a brotha hiding under the boardwalk.

Don’t believe me, ask the Indian about that. And believe me, there are millions of acres in the USA that a black face nor foot has never touched.

That reminds me. The American Indian had strong warriors on swift horses. You know, strong bucks to ride forward, spreading the news of the advancing white man with fork tongue. But apparently, they were not fast enough. And what about communications? Do I need to say how vital a role that plays in any… ahh, war? A 30 day phone card is not going to get it. In fact, all communication systems are owned by white folks, including BET.

Black folks can’t hide. Where are they going to run? If they run to the West or East, depending on their starting point, there’s a great body of water called the Mississippi River. Uh huh, that’s going to stop many right there. And, if some make it to the other side, they will not be met by the underground railroad. Not Harriet Tubman, nor Oprah, will be waiting for them with grits and kool-aid, nor a new car. Nope, cornfields, haystacks and shotguns will meet their advance.

Is the black man really needed? Oh happy day, there will be jobs for everyone – white. Unemployment will be at it’s lowest. And OH YEAH, no more black folks begging to get in the movie business. There would be no more debates about immigration laws because everybody that even looks like they’ve ever kissed a dark skinned person would have to run for the hills. I know this scenario might sound a little crazy but am just saying… is the black man needed in the US? Some might argue the contributions the black man has made, like jazz, the peanut and The Harlem Globe Trotters, but really? I believe Stargate is telling us something. Well, if you look kind of punkish, you might be able to pass. Do we need another million man march or HBO special about the plight of the black man and the new plantation of debt? Should we call Cornel West and his boys to hold another round table discussion. Maybe we should just bitch and moan and cry and bullshit, while telling others what “THEY need to do”. No Jug, you’re not the bad guy, you’re saying it right. Damn Tamara and Stargate SG for whites only, y’all gonna have me act a fool up in here, up in here. Yeah, some believe America can do without rap music too. To many blacks making money off that mess, right? That gutter bowl – jelly roll – bump yo booty, don’t you know, is getting out of control – ain‘t it – huh? I don’t know, is it me or does America really need black folks?


@Carey-The makeup is because the alien he plays were actually a race of beings that were our Egyptians. So they were Apophis, Set, Osiris, etc etc, hence the make up.

The only thing that bothered me (much as it’s a cool idea) is that the vast technological, artistic & scientific advancements of the ancient Egyptians (Mayans & Incas for that matter) had to be alien. Come on, really? Again?!? :-(

But to Young Lion’s issue with the “paperbag” test, it went along with the idea that Egyptians are light-skinned, Arabic looking people. The argument for ethnicity of the ancient Egyptians would be for another day.

In all honesty, it was a huge step forward that they had Black main characters in a Sci-Fi series. Usually we are the also rans. But there were many throughout the ten year run of STARGATE, the last being the Sodan, who were as Brown as they come (Tony Todd guested in the episodes).

Judging from the responses, seems we do Sci-Fi. But I will say this (and be the bad guy), I blame “US” because when it comes to fantasy & Sci-Fi, how often do you hear Black folks clamoring for representation? Talking about who the next DR. WHO will be? BSG? Loving STAR TREK: TNG or TOS? DEEP SPACE NINE, with a Black lead even?!

There’s a belief that we don’t do erotica (not porn, but 9& 1/2 WEEKS), fantasy (GAME OF THRONES) or hard Sci-Fi (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY). But if there is a GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN’, we’re there. Just look at the “Black wall” at any video store (or on Netflix now), how many of those movies are fantasy or sci-fi & how many are rom-coms & hood flicks? And don’t say it’s all about budget because a gang of movies that make it at Sundance are Sci-Fi or Fantasy and have smaller than hell budgets (PRIMER & ANOTHER EARTH being examples).

We say we’re not being paid attention to, but I submit we are & movies are being produced accordingly.


I’ve only seen the movie. It was cute but typical: White guys find a “gate” to another universe where the landscape/time period is ancient Eqyptian and they save the nice light brown, slightly ethnic people from an evil alien they worship as a god (who coincidentally is guy/girl from the Crying Game).

I’ve never watched the series because the movie wasn’t all that great and I doubted they’d break the mold but yeah this picture makes the guy look… safe. Alright, effeminate.

All I can say is thank goodness for Doctor Who – not so much this past season. I don’t remember the episodes being so white but I guess if their new emphasis is to gain a larger American audience they decided they’d have to play using the old rulebook.


“Stargate: Atlantis” was good, at least for the first three seasons. Good stories, interesting characters. The quality of the writing seemed to lag in season 4, though, and I lost interest.

As with most TV science fiction, I was annoyed with how, in a vast universe of human-like beings, almost all of them were Caucasian. (11% of Earth’s population, but apparently 99% of humanoid life in the universe.) What really struck me, though: I noticed over the course of watching for three years that the show seemed to have a moratorium on casting black actors darker than a light brown paper bag. Even the Asian actors cast seemed to tend to be mostly Eurasian.

That’s “Stargate: Atlantis”, though. I didn’t get into the other shows in the franchise. Still haven’t even seen the original movie.


I have never seen one installment of Stargate SG-1, nor do I know anything about this actor, so someone has to tell me what’s up with the makeup? I am not going to say what I am thinking but there’s something going on with that look.

I did like the Batmans, so I guess I’ll see what the dude is working with, unless someone pulls my coat in advance? And, can the brotha act, or is he just the big brotha with a deep voice and a strange look? I hope is voice is not akin to Mike Tyson’s. I’m just sayin……


@ theyounglion,

I’d wager that in the other seasons the majority cast is Caucazoid. Even in Battlestar Galactica which was ridiculously amazing in writing, acting, etc., we were few…

I suppose, when standing on the shoulders of giants looking through to the next horizon of civilization and discovery—the next frontier and the next and the next after that, “we” don’t (or won’t according to Hollyweird) exist (as much). Curses. Sci-fi is the realm in which everyone should always get a fair and even representation…


The Stargate series was awesome! You’d have to be died-hard sci-fi to love it.


Worked with Chris up in Vancouver, a cool dude, crazy, but cool. This is definitely something big for him because his size & playing the same character for 10 years has severely hampered his viability in Hwood. Now that he’s done with STARGATE, he can be “the other Terry Crews” LOL


Saw the movie. Felt it was lacking. Wanted ‘more’. Never got in on the series (any versions), though I’ve been told it opens up the saga more than just the film…

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