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Steve Coogan vs. Paul McMullan and Tabloids, News of the World

Steve Coogan vs. Paul McMullan and Tabloids, News of the World

Another smart celebrity, Steve Coogan, takes on soon-to-be-shuttered News of the World and tabloid journalism in the form of oddly sincere ex-NOTW reporter Paul McMullan, who was also eviscerated by Hugh Grant. Delicious.

[Hat Tip: Richard Rushfield, new member of my “work friends” circle on Google +.)

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I love McMullan’s argument, which I’ve heard him voice four or five times now, that millionaires don’t have any right to complain about how they’re being exploited because they’re millionaires. Like, huh? So basic human rights don’t apply to people who make a lot of money because… there are other people in the world who envy them because they don’t make as much money? That doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention the damage that has been done to ordinary people as a result of the NOTW’s hacking – it’s ridiculous how he’s trying to distract the public from this by pretending to be on some righteous crusade against the successful and privileged.

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