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Take That Flash Thompson! More ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Photos, Plus The Low-Rent Crime Spidey Too

Take That Flash Thompson! More 'Amazing Spider-Man' Photos, Plus The Low-Rent Crime Spidey Too

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies, look out! here comes the Spider-Man”. Ok, now that that’s out of the way (they just don’t make them themes the way they used to) Comic-Con 2011 is right around the corner which means promo for “The Amazing Spider-Man” is in, ahem, full swing.

Entertainment Weekly already put the new Peter Parker Andrew Garfield (“The Social Network,” “Never Let Me Go,” a tremendous performance in a film called, “Boy A” that you likely missed) on its cover this week and delivered a deluge of photos including first look press shots of Emma Stone and villain Rhys Ifans and now they’ve delivered even more.

These ones seem to center mostly on Peter Parker before he becomes Spider-Man including him messing with what appears to be his high-school rival Flash Thompson and a funny-looking shot of Parker in what appears to be a proto-crime-fighting Spider-Man costume. While the film purports to be grittier, it appears it’s not without its sense of humor either (check out the Peter Parker’s got the munchies shots).

There’s a lot of reasons to like and look forward to this new iteration of ‘Spider-Man.’ For one it’s directed by someone fresh and with a new take on the material, “(500) Days of Summer” helmer Marc Webb. And while that film might not have been for everyone and maybe a little twee around the edges, it’s undoubtedly an assured debut feature and its based on the talents and style that he evinced therein that Sony felt confident enough to hand over the keys to a billion-dollar franchise. And let’s face it, the Sam Raimi‘s version had worn out its welcome by the third and final stale film, so new blood was needed.

The film boasts an impressive cast too including Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans and Irrfan Khan as the villains (the former will play the Lizard), with Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Julianne Nicholson, Annie Parisse, Chris Zylka and C. Thomas Howell rounding out the cast. ”The Amazing Spider-Man,” which is being shot and presented in glorious 3D, hits theaters on July 3, 2012. Surely a lot more will be revealed next week at Comic-Con 2011.

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I dun goof’d.
Brock = Flash.
And yeah i didn’t read the post. Laziness will always take over. You see enough film sites post about the pictures and whatnot and you just stop reading what sites have to say about the news. At least, thats the case here for my negligent to read and my un-pc way of using “retard”.

The movie still looks terrible. Expectations lowered.


Awesome way to make an ass of yourself:
1. Post comment about how a character “looks like a fucking retard”.
2. Misidentify the character, demonstrating that you’re too busy retard-spotting to read the post you’re commenting on, or the TITLE of the post, for that matter.
3. ???


Sony are doing a good job at making me want to see this movie less each time they release a fucking terrible photo gallery.
Seeing Parker play ball and cut around Brock is the lamest thing i have ever seen. Just look at Brock! He looks like a fucking retard.


no matter this film is gonna become what, looking forward to it~ since i like marc webber, and andrew garfield~


Stop. Just stop. These photos are only good for one thing: lowering expectations.

Love Garfield, but the photos are only appear to confirm that the production was made on the cheap. Like “High School Musical 2” cheap. It looks made for TV.

I guess when Sony said they wanted to take this to the next level, they meant the next level down.

Not “Amazing” in the slightest.


Superhero basketball? Did we learn nothing from Catwoman?


Oh good. Dennis Leary is in this.

So glad they are taking a “fresh” take on the material.

What year is this 1996?


I assume that “glorious 3D” comment was sarcastic, yes?

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