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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Teaser Poster Shows Off Spidey’s Back

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Teaser Poster Shows Off Spidey's Back

Our man Kevin didn’t take kindly to the teaser trailer that dropped earlier this week for “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and while he’s not penning this piece, several of our writers have expressed reservations, questioning whether “(500) Days of Summer” helmer Marc Webb (has anyone cracked wise about his last name yet?) can deliver an authentically new vision of an origin story that was well-worn when Sam Raimi‘s “Spider-Man” opened nearly a decade ago.

Now, First Showing has snapped up the Comic-Con debut of the teaser poster for the film. It’s a bit bare bones and certainly unimaginative, giving space to the new costume, which looks like a cross between Spider-Man Unlimited and the 2099 iteration. It’s understandable that us old cronies might be hankering for more than a glimpse of Andrew Garfield‘s back, but for a generation of kids who will grow up with Webb’s installment and the inevitable franchise to follow, this is an effective (if cheap) tease. Check out the new poster and the original teaser poster for Raimi’s film below (which was banned after 9/11, along with one of the best teaser trailers to grace screens).

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I’m with you Monty, Raimi’s version is just flat.. Everyone is crying in that one, and the third movie was a crime. How can you take one of Spidey’s greatest villain and just have it end like that.. I’m looking forward to Webb’s take on it. Andrew Garfield FTW


The teaser for the first spider-man film is one of the greatest film teasers of all time. I still remember my reaction when I saw it in theaters.


i have the world trade poster. i remember thinking it might be valuable at the time they recalled it. new one is shit.

Kevin Klawitter

A better question would be “Has anyone NOT cracked wise about his last name yet?”


well for those of us who loathed all free of the goofy, borderline retarded raimi spider films, anythings is welcomed at this stage.
of course i know i speak from a pretty lonely corner.

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