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The Sell-Out Failures of Oscar Winners

The Sell-Out Failures of Oscar Winners

Thompson on Hollywood

Entertainment blog Grantland’s “made-up entertainment-related statistics” department trashes Oscar-winners who cash in on boffo box-office paydays in often second-rate studio features. We’re not sure if potential embarrassment outweighs the paychecks these stars receive, but Grantland makes a valid career query:

“2011’s bumper crop of sequels, remakes, and general schlock has built swimming pools in the backyards of some of our most revered [Oscar winning] actors. But at what cost to their dramatic cred? Exactly how much of the shine have they taken off their Academy Awards? And which actor did the most damage this year?”

See who made the list:

Anthony Hopkins, Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, Geoffrey Rush, Tom Hanks, Frances McDormand, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Connelly, Helen Mirren, Christoph Waltz and (in first place) Natalie Portman, with a pre-Oscar Tomatometer average of 88% and a post-Oscar average of 60%, thanks to 2011’s No Strings Attached (48%), Your Highness (26%) and Thor (78%).

Check out all the details here.

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Silly article. Natalie hasn’t been in a movie shot since she won her oscar. Really Your Highness was even shot before Black Swan (her winning role) and while it was a horrible movie her and Franco did some fine acting. Particularly Franco, too bad it was a horrible role, but he has my respect bitting the bullet and playing it so well.


The list losses all credit by not mentioning Cuba Gooding Jr. :p


Dude, you know that Waltz did The Green Hornet before he got his Oscar Nomination? And after that, he did a good Job in Water for Elephants.

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