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Trailer For George Lucas’ Tuskegee Airmen Film “Red Tails” Arrives!

Trailer For George Lucas' Tuskegee Airmen Film "Red Tails" Arrives!

Well, whadaya know? Just mere minutes after my post announcing the official release date of the film, and that I’d be keeping an eye out for the trailer, which was set to debut this evening, the trailer drops on Yahoo Movies, and it’s embedded below.

The George Lucas-produced Tuskegee Airmen actioner, Red Tails, directed by Anthony Hemingway, written by John Ridley, with a cast that includes cast includes: Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Tristan Wilds, Method Man, Lee Tergesen, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelley, Andre Royo and Jesse Williams.

Terence Blanchard is scoring the film.

This morning, Movieline reported that Lucasfilm finally confirmed the film’s exact release date at January 20th 2012. So it’s an official date then!

Without further ado… here’s your first look at Red Tails:

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i love this movie red tails


i love this movie red tails

Barbara Finch

From an older Black woman…
.Thank you George Lucas. This is an excellent piece and so wonderful for our younger generation to see in living color!! And thanks for entertaining us over the years.

Chris Logger

Please! No more terrible Lucas-CGI!

Dankwa Brooks

I think the trailer was HOT and the “Traidar” is strong with this one it is.

Personally, I don’t give a good gotdamn if they don’t focus on race. I’m just glad to see a film with a main black cast with a sizeable SFX budget. The main thing I liked about ‘Bad Boys 2’ was that we had black folk blowing major sh*t up!

I also think the aerial fights will have a HUGE appeal to international audiences.

As far as the January open, I don’t think it would be wise to try to open this in summer. It doesn’t seem to be the usual summer fare. Released in the dead of winter where the theaters are ripe with dramas, something that offers a little action might get people in the seats! It can also dovetail nicely into Black History Month.

As I stated, the aerial fights look great and I would love to see this on the big screen!


The January release coincides with the MLK holiday weekend. Lucas has been pointing at January for this film since at least late spring.


“Somehow, I think the HBO movie will still stand taller” — Adam

That will not be good. I am questioning the January release as opposed to a Summer or late in the year award potential releases. Oh well, CGI looks nice and the film looks well shot though.


So…strange…to see that LucasFilm logo without it not being followed by lightsabers and Sith Lords.

The good news is that it does not look like the disaster that many people figured it must be.

The even better news is that it looks pretty good.

Of course one can’t judge a movie by its trailer and this film still has a lot of elements that concern me. But the trailer is a solid start. As reported over the years there was going to be an emphasis on the aerial fights which is probably a good thing because a movie like this that focuses too heavily on racism can quickly spin out of control with melodramatics.

CGI is the only way you can display such battles and look as if the money will be clearly spotted on the screen. As I wrote months back a couple of the actors who had seen most of the finished work said those battles in the sky were nothing like audiences had seen before and maybe they are right. I will say this a bout Lucas he was in n rush to put the movie out there until everything looked right to him. The problem of course with Lucas is that he seems more interested in effects and technology than in actors and dialogue and storytelling. But maybe he worked some of his old magic. It should be pointed out that (in theory at least) Lucas did not write or direct this film.

{{{ Somehow, I think the HBO movie will still stand taller. That speech Andre Braugher gives toward the end always makes my eyes water. }}}

With all due respect if it can’t beat out the HBO version it is a failure. The HBO film was a solid movie but clearly not close to the level of something like, say, Band of Brothers. The HBO movie could have just as easily aired as a family picture on the Disney Channel. I don’t expect this version to take risks but I at least expect it to give us far superior superficial aerial battles. And as much as I love Braugher he was terribly miscast as Benjamin. O. Davis. Davis was a very light skinned black man which shouldn’t be a surprise. I truly believe that as hard a time Davis was given by his peers at West Point and the military in general, he would have gotten it even worse if he was as dark skinned as Braugher. Back then I think white folks were more willing to accept the leadership and status of black individual if they were of a much lighter hue than your typical African American. Terrence Howard looks more fit for that type of part than Braugher.


@ Rasheed

I Co-Sign w/ you 100%

“we also need a strong presence in the mainstream” I’m with you man! I am so tired of seeing BFF roles, magical negroes, maids, fat mammies etc.

I hope this film can do extremely well at box office when it comes out. The cast is solid and the cinematography top notch. Let’s support this I don’t want this to turn into a castor oil flick.

Vanessa Martinez

Well, I really want to see it. I agree with the “heavy-handed” comments though. An observation ..nevermind. I’ll see it.



I think Jar Jar was supposed to be Jamaican lmao!


Wow. Tough crowd.
I dug the trailer. The acting looks solid. The effects are definitely top notch. I’m not judging the writing until I see an actual SCENE and not out of context dialogue snippets.
I hope people come out and support this film. We’ve finally got something that’s not Tyler Perry-esque, or about Black domestic help or mystical magical negroes. If this film fails, we can all look forward to more Madea’s or The Help, etc.
Underground indies are fine, but we also need a strong presence in the mainstream.


@Sergio-I don’t think he replaced Anthony, but he definitely came in & changed things tonally. No one was happy with that. I was told it came out to be a “compromise”..between “Good film” & “George Lucas” LOL



Mellody Hobson’s his current squeeze. Rich black woman. I still don’t get why black folks hated Jar Jar Binks. Was he supposed to be black? I didn’t get that impression. Jive talking robots – yes. Jar Jar Binks – nope.

Lot of black guys in one film so I’ll reserve judgment for now. Okay one criticism – Neyo and Method Man with Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., and David Oyelowo? WTF?!


The trailer was ok. I am disappointed to hear that Lucas perhaps took the safe route but I’m loving the fact that there are quite a few fine, young actors in this one.


isn’t George Lucas married/dating to a Black woman? I’ve always wondered why he allowed Jar Jar Binks to be made in the first place.

anyway, this movie looks OK. Not really my thing. I hope it’s not heavy-handed. That will suck.


Have to watch on mute; at work. But I do l jets and battle sequence.


I think “Joe” must be the screenwriter of the movie. And he definitely has anal fixation doesn’t he?



@Joe. The bomber crew was speaking in exposition, didnt feel natural. Chill out.


@ Jug

So you’re in the know tell us. What really went on behind the scenes? Did Lucas fire the original director during post-production and personally directed new scenes. almost half the movie, as was rumored?



I have it on GOOD authority (one of the leads) that Lucas came in and made it “First Black whatever, it’s good for you EAT IT!” and they BOXED over it. The original script by Ridley was much more BAND OF BROTHERS than MEN OF HONOR.

And yeah, all Lucas could talk about was the aerial dogfight stuff when this was first announced. BIG sign that the focus of the movie would be…”misplaced” LOL

But big ups to the young actors gettin’ some love


aahhh I’m at work and the player embed reads “This content requires adobe flash player 10.3. Would you like to install?

I can’t install it here! I guess I’ll wait. :)


“The dialougue looks bad(its George Lucas, what do you expect?)”

LOL! George Lucas didn’t write the script, or the dialogue. So take your “raped childhood” and shove them up your bunghole you ignorant fool.

Duncan MaNutz

It’ll be on DVD/On Demand within a month after its release.



Yeah, it’s pretty heavy-handedly self-righteous. That’s been my big criticism of “race” movies.

…But the flight scenes and the actors handingly those lines, I’m sure will be spectacular.


The dialougue looks bad(its George Lucas, what do you expect?)but it looks like this will have the best mass dogfights ever seen on film. Pleased to see the German Me262 jet fighter, one red tail bagged three on one mission.

Adam Scott Thompson

Somehow, I think the HBO movie will still stand taller. That speech Andre Braugher gives toward the end always makes my eyes water.

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