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Trailer Watch – Brandy’s New Documentary “On My Own”

Trailer Watch - Brandy's New Documentary "On My Own"

Though she’s tried to change her image many times, when I think of Brandy (which admittedly is extremely rare) I think of Moesha; And then that car accident; And then that brother of hers who actually got on some TV shows after being in that home made porn video with Kim Kwhatshername.(which actually wasn’t bad, if I do say so myself…)

But out to prove that she’s still around and still relevant, there’s a new documentary coming out soon titled On Her Own, which chronicles her life and her struggles to make a comeback in the music business as well as being a working single mother.

No word yet as to plans for the doc, though it looks perfect for a possible television broadcast. Anyone interested in seeing this?

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ONE thing that ppl fail to realize, is that no matter what your personal opinion of Brandy is, she pioneered a multimedia career and is one of the few who have had a successful career in TV, Music and Movies. Brandy is still a ratings magnet. BET still shows her movies of over a decade ago. It amazes me how heavy weights in the industry like Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole Monica, Chris Brown, have so much respect and admiration for her acheivements but an internet blogger/columnist who is so less priveed to the entertainment business (other than what you heard from someone else) has the nerve to be so sarcastic and snarky. Obviously you know nothing. Brandy has millions of fans dear and Im number 1.


I think you guy’s are being unfair to Brandy. For one A Family Business focused on Ray j, i seen only a few episodes but they spent no more than 5 min’s on her in each one. Mario did DWTS & a docu-series was that overkill? Lil’ Kim did DWTS & a Docu-series was that overkill? Toni Braxton did DWTS & A Family Values is that overkill? Is it overkill for the Kardashians to have 5 different ones all going at once? or Keyshia Cole working on a 2nd one?

I just did a Google search on her. She did put out new music/tour in early 2008/9. She also did a tv pilot that year but it failed to get picked up.

Benny Medina has already failed at managing her. He messed up the era of her most critically praised album “Afrodisiac”.

Brandy has been somewhat Lowkey since she had her child. I don’t mind her being plastered everywhere. It seems she’s lining up the gigs for a fall comeback.

(Fall 2011)
Brandy: On my own, Drop Dead Diva, MAJORS & MINORS and the new album.


Tour already is right. But for all you naysayers…You’d be surprised at how many fans Brandy has. She hit right on the head. Honestly that is what has gotten her this far.


I am actually interested in this. This seems to me a more genuine look at her life then the manufactured drama between her, her mom, and her brother. She has the talent at this point she just has to produce


Over kill indeed, we see this on her other reality show. Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business… Besides, she’s needs to get Benny Medina to manager her… LOL! YEah focus on music and tour.

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The Kim Kardashian tape wasn’t bad, it was terrible. What a train to dullsville. Wasn’t there some controversy about the last Brandy “reality show”?


“If you’re going to comeback, put some music out and tour already.”

That’s about it.


Agree. She was on DWTS too. If you’re going to comeback, put some music out and tour already.

Vanessa Martinez

I feel like this is a little bit of an overkill. She already had a reality show about her comeback and life. :-/

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