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Trey Songz Will Make Big Screen Acting Debut In New “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” 3D Reimagining

Trey Songz Will Make Big Screen Acting Debut In New "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" 3D Reimagining

Wait, you mean another version on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is being developed? As my Australian pals would say, Crikey!

Since the 1974 Tobe Hooper original, we’ve seen two sequels, a remake, and a prequel, and maybe more that I’m forgetting.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough, as another one is coming; this one is described as a “reimagining,” which will be shot in 3D, with R&B crooner/rapper Trey Songz now attached to star, playing one of the lead roles – his big screen acting debut.

Specifically, the boyfriend of one of the female leads played by Alexandra Daddario, who’d been previously cast.

John Luessenhop (Takers) is directing for Lionsgate, who plan to release the film on October 5, 2012, close to Halloween.

Shooting begins this month in Shreveport, Louisiana. Producers are hoping to not only reboot the franchise but to also to break a group of fresh-faced actors.

That’s right folks, Leatherface is coming back in 3D.

Any guesses on how far into the film Trey’s character makes it alive…?

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Oh, just felt I should put this out there. Forrest Whitaker is starring in & producing a movie and they just cast a co-lead, originally not written this way, as Black. So now the character’s brother is Black but he’s a “ne’er-do-well” thug type…so they have re-released the role asking for Rappers.

That is the biz….


I’ve been smashed like a roach. First Jug and now Cherish.

Okay folks, I am officially waving the white flag (hush your mouth Darkan *lol*). I rolled the dice and… CRAPS, SNAKE EYES, I’m busted!

I have to give props to Jug, Cherish and Ghost, they lit a fire under my old school ass.

I need love. :-)


Wow Cherish..Wow. Great comment…



They are out there. Many of them AVOID black only movies and shows.

Arjay Smith (Journey of Allen Strange) 1 black film-First Sunday and one black sitcom-That’s So Raven. He is now starring in Perception in 2012 on TBS.

Donald Glover-none

Paul James (Greek)-none

Derek Luke-none since Antwon Fisher

Lee Thompson Young (Famous Jett Jackson)-1 Akela & The Bee

James Tyler Williams-outside of his show and Keke Palmer’s-none

Amber Stevens (Greek) none

Danso Gordon (Hang Time) none

Malcolm David Kelly-none since Antwon Fisher

Brandon Jay McLaren (Power Rangers: SPD) none.

Chris Massey (Zoey 101) none

Neil Denis (Stargate SG1) none

Ranibow Franks (Cree Summer’s brother) 1 back in the 90s

Arlen Escapeta-1 that only saw the light of day because he was in Friday the 13th.

Dalmar Abuzeid (Degrassi) in fact outside of Drake has any black kid from Degrassi been on a black show?

Dule Hill

This is what I am talking about-all these folks are active but they are on shows that many of us don’t watch.


Well said Cherish. Well said…


Why Real Black Actors wont stand up and say something about Rappers/Singers taking movie roles.

It’s called quality control. Look at some of the films these singers/rappers are getting. Look at how many of those film FLOPPED.

Unless you have a strong cast around them or in a popular cult icon film.

How much did Transformers help Tyrese?
How did Matt Damon, Jay Hernandez, Zoe and Michael Easley help TI & Chris Brown in Takers?

Hollywood wants that hood money-however not every black actor is known by his/her people.

Trey Songz, Chris Brown or Soulja Boy can to a film-no matter how bad it might be.

Trey can be in this film for 5 minutes and die-he still bought an extra million and HOOD attention to this film. Trey will be on BET and promoting this film.

Arjay Smith,Neil Denis, Keith Robinson, Donald Glover, Noel Clarke, Dule Hill, Arlen Escarpeta, Jaleel White, Wesley Jonathan, James Tyler WIlliams, Tristan Wilds, Malcolm Kelly and others are ignored by the black media.

If your own people don’t care for you-why would a studio cast you in a film?


Okay, can anyone beside Jug answer my question *LOL*.

OK, I’ll try.

But first I wanna remind you that I’m not in the industry, so I don’t have a vested interest in this, other my own entertainment and pleasure. I love movies, watch too much TV, and I’m one of the few people in my hood who believes that great movies should be experienced on the big screen and is willing to pay for the experience rather than buying the $5 DVD around the corner from my hood entrepreneur a week before movie is released (You can all thank me later :-)

Mariah Carey in PRECIOUS – hated her. Monique was throwing guns at her and IMO Mariah fell flat. She didn’t hold back Monique but that scene would have been so much more powerful if someone else more talented was in that role (Think of DOUBT and that dynamic scene between Streep and Davis. This scene had the potential to be that powerful if Mariah was not there.)

Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Hudson, hell even Queen Latifah in SECRET LIFE OF BEES. Wasted. Dakota Fanning was so much better than all these ladies. Sorry. Blown opportunity for Black actresses

Tyrese – OK he pulled off BABY BOY, but he’s the worst actor in FAST AND FURIOUS, and yep, I know that says alot right there..

It doesn’t bother me when rappers/singers get bit roles, and they get a chance to gloat and put on their resume a movie here and there. But when they get bigger parts, parts that go over their head and is beyond their skill, it’s painful to watch, and when this happens so much in Black movies, sometimes I come away feeling disrespected (as a viewer), like “this is what you throw at me? I, the viewer, don’t deserve a good powerful scene?”

During some scenes, I can almost hear the director say, “OK, lets re-write that to make it less dramatic because So-and-so doesn’t have the skill to pull it off.” You tell me – does that happen often? Re-writes are done if star can’t pull it off? It sure does feel that way sometimes.

It seems that most actors and actresses are groomed and must act and appear in movies over and over again before they get that breakout role and become stars. Very rare are the Gabby Sidibes in the industry.

And mainstream Hwood does this with their young White stars- Zac Effron, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johanson, Rachel McAdams, Amy Adams, etc. They are groomed, they are given roles consistently, their face is always out there.

Over the weekend I was watching Emma Stone in Easy A, and I kept thinking “God, why can’t black people get cute high school movies like this?” But then I had to think:


Sorry to scream this out, but I think this is major problem in Black Hywood. (Accidental Visitor touched on this) We have very few known black actors/actresses under 30. A generation gap exists and I think we (Black culture, black community) are going to pay a price for this.

So now Emma Stone is going to be leading star in THE HELP. and she plays opposite Viola Davis, a great but older black actress.

The movie Sparkle is coming out. Paula Patton will be in it, but she is older too. This movie should a vehicle for new young actresses, but don’t know if that will happen…

That’s why I think it’s a waste to give parts to rappers/singers who have proven they don’t have the acting chops.It takes opportunities from actors who are prepared and needs the grooming and facetime.

It also diminishes the movie they’re in, and I’m willing to bet it also diminishes the likelihood of a movie being made if TPTB don’t think there is a role for “R&B star of the moment.” I bet the main reason Sparkle got picked was there must have been some talk of getting Alica Keys in there.

I understand politics and economics behind these decisions, but it still sucks.

Its just not the same as bad actor but who is eye candy (like Michael Ealy) being cast.

Sorry for long post. Thanks.


Ugh. Typed too fast.

Need to rephrase last question:

Do young Black actors today still need Black Hollywood to reach stardom?


Thanks everyone.


I stand corrected. They are out there. I think this goes back to the mainstream Hollywood/Black Hollywood divide. I imdb’ed most of the ones you mentioned, and now remember seeing them here and there in mainstream movies and some are consistently working. But are they being groomed, and is there a pay-off in the end?

I think what’s at issue is whether these kids can get break-out roles and become household names. In mainstream movies, they are still in supporting roles behind white leads, and I wonder if this is enough for them to get noticed and get lead roles in the future.

And will it be mainstream Hollywood who give them the lead roles? I think this is where the Black Hollywood comes in. Or should I say movies with predominantly Black casts?

(Hmm, if a movie has a predominantly Black cast is that Black Hollywood? Getting confused. My head hurts…)

Another question to ask:

Do Black actors today need to Black Hollywood to reach stardom? or something like that.

Adam Scott Thompson

To be fair, Will Smith was (is?) a rapper. So was (is?) Ice Cube who did his thing in “Boyz N The Hood” and “Friday” (that’s about it, though).

I don’t know, folks. I mean, is Jamie Foxx an actor or a singer or a comedian — or all of the above? I’m not a fan of Songz (“Just Gotta Make It” was about as far as I could make it), but it doesn’t take much to star in a horror flick — and it’s really a young man or woman’s game (sorry, Cheadle).

Also, it’s about economics for the rappers/singers. In the long run, a Bow Wow or Trey Songz could actually pocket — not make but POCKET — more money via films and TV than through music and gain exposure to new potential fans and/or commercial brands (see Tyrese).

Just sayin’…


LMBAO Carey got my ass man LOL

I’ve learned to accept it (note: NOT like it) bcuz trust, I used to get PISSED but then I was like “Why get mad, it ain’t going nowhere? I’m having a stroke over this?!” And look at it like this, as much as I want a shot at every opportunity as an actor, if they “choose” to go with a rapper, they’re really telling me something about them, about their project. Most turn out to be booty, or at least their role in it.

You get off lucky in the long run…


@ Carey Carey. Damn you Jug, don’t you have an audition to go on? :-)


“Carey, I gotta come at you guns blazing LOL”

Okay, can anyone beside Jug answer my question *LOL*.

Damn man, my ass is on fire. But man, in my defense, we could argue a few of your examples. But nope, I know when to fold mine. I see I made my move a little too soon.

Damn you jug, don’t you have an audition to go on? :-)


@ Duncan MaNutz “If White folks stared casting all of their pop stars in every film how long would take before Angelina Jolie held a Press Conference and demanded her job back.”
Funniest thing I heard all week next to seeing Don Cheadle dance in Angela Winbushe’s music video “It’s The Real Thang”!

@ Carey Carey Jug nailed you to the wall with his response to you brother and answered better than I ever could. Wow and what an answer it was! (Me instigating lol) :-)


And before folks start hatin’, saying I’m “Mr Cynic” & bitter (you know who you are LOL), I really like Xzibit as an actor. Cube, Mos, Latifah, Sticky Fingaz (sometimes) & others. Dwight Yoakam is really good, most people don’t even realize dude is a country singer. Diana Ross used to bring it in the day too! :-D


And I am now officially cracking up at “Duncan MaNutz”s name said fast LMBAO


Carey, I gotta come at you guns blazing LOL

Your honor I’d like the following evidence entered for the record:

Ludacris in every movie/tv show he’s been in.

50 Cent as himself in a movie about his own life, GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN’.

Snoop & Dre in practically everything they’ve been in (tho Snoop was quite funny in BONES & TRAINING DAY, Dre not so much).

Lil’ Kim, who seemed suffocated by having to speak words for a minute & half or so of screen time, in JUWANNA MAN.

Practically everyone in WHO’S THE MAN?


DMX…oh lord….

Just sayin’, there’s a loooooong track record of rappers & R&B singers getting acting roles & sucking royally, whereas folks who’ve struggled & have been trained never ever get close to that level of success TO suck-for whatever reason. It sucks & yes, it’s frustrating & that’s the biz. But let’s not act like it’s not a legitimate gripe.

White singers going waay back to Sinatra, The Beatles & Elvis have had their share of movies, but with black entertainers or black roles in projects, it is almost a staple. I see the breakdowns for movies & shows, and it pains me when they say “Seeking Name Rapper or Up & Coming Rapper/Singer”. At least they’re honest & let you know up front, “we puttin’ Trey Songz in this”.

Hey, he might be good. But when the shoe is on the other foot, Terrence Howard with an acoustic guitar album, Shaq & Kobe tryin’ to rhyme, Gwyneth Paltrow now singing every chance she gets…how many people reeeally take them seriously? And in their case, they’re not “taking” deals away from folks just by virtue of being famous & cutting an album. They’re selling a product they make themselves. And that is still frustrating to the dude singing his heart out in the subway.

But getting acting work, being cast in something where the odds are you hear “No” more than you do “Yes” & you statistically live below the national poverty level…after years of movement classes, training in classics & text analysis, scene study, dance/singing classes, dialect & diction work…you’d have to make a damn good case to an underclassman at NYU or Julliard about why it’s okay that Soulja Boy, who can barely rap much less act, is even in consideration for a part in a movie LMAO.

And honestly, most of them DON’T fit the part, they LOOK it. And how often afterwards, do we say “Oh wow, his “acting” was terrible?”

I’m with Zeus…F#$% this movie! LMBAO


@Duncan MaNutz
“I really don’t understand why Real Black Actors won’t stand up and say something about Rappers/Singers taking movie roles. I will not and have not supported any film with a Rapper/Singer.”
That’s your choice but you have to understand that major recording artists and athletes in films draw in a audience and create major “buzz” for the film. I understand your point I personally dislike the fact that more and more rappers and singers like; Exibit, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake etc. get starring lead roles in major Hollywood production films rather than real actors who have the training and years of experience.


F#$% this movie!


Oh lord, who posted this, Sergio? Wait, it was just Tambay doing his job. But damn, the minute I saw it, I knew the familar crying “voices” would Stampede the floor with those same ol’ same ol’ tears of “why singer/rappers over “actors” lawdy lawdy, what‘s this world coming to?“. Heck, look around at all the non-acting actors that’s littering the playing field. I’m talking nice roles, and Michael Ealy comes to mind as does Anthony Anderson and all those clowns on The Game and all those women on Single Ladies and jumping the damn brooms.. Come on, tell me about it.

I believe if a rapper/singer fits the part, don’t put your mouth on it. Now, I’d like for the naynay crowd to show me a role, that was played by a rapper/singer, that the singer screwed up, and should have been played by “a trained actor… and name the actor. But wait, no re-tread actors allowed. Nobody wants to see the same Denzel’s, Mackies and Will’s in every damn movie.

From what I’ve noticed, the rapper/singers I’ve seen in movies, have all done a respectable job. And please save it, if your going to yell Ms Hudson and Beyounce. That’s a tired argument with no return.

I think it’s time to hit those jealous hating lips with the big stick….

“Rarely do we find men who willing engage in hard, solid thinking. There’s an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think”

Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

Go Trey, hope his character doesn’t get killed…..


@ Monique,

There’s definitely other ‘horror’ characters standing in the ready to be exposed to the masses. I so agree with you there. There’s more out there. Hollyweird loves beating dead horses… dang sadists they are. LOL


Let me drive over to Shreveport…

…and watch Trey’s character get kilt in the first fifteen minutes of this re-imagining. LOL

@Cherish, you make a good point. It’s definitely less roles, for black actors and singers to vie for.

Everytime I see that FWB trailer my chest caves. Not because it’s so heartwarming, but it comes off as cold, empty, blank and I think that has everything to do with JT’s “acting”. Stick him in a comedy skit and he’s golden, but this film seems so mehhhhhhhh and a repeat of what Ashton and Natalie did a year ago.

And today in news of flailing dead horses…


Real talk-actors of any color have no pull in film/tv. The power, creatively speaking, rests with directors, writers & their power is checked by studio/network dev execs. Actors only get power when they’re a known commodity-and often not even then.

Actors only have clout in the stage world.

Speaking of “hurt”, the L&O:SVU episode with Ludacris were on yesterday. Ice-T & Luda in the same scene, coulda swore I had a brain hemorrhage.

…..I’m still in recovery LOL


I STILL don’t know who this Trey Songz person is?!! I couldn’t hum one of his tunes if you paid me to! I have little to say about his casting and I do empathize with performers out there who are a bit frustrated at the “trend” to cast singers in acting roles. However, let me gripe on another aspect of this post…

WHY IN GAWD’S NAME are they rebooting TCM? I mean, c’mon!!! I held my breath during the first “reboot” back in (what was that?) 2001. It didn’t turn out bad (thankfully) even with Jessica ‘what’s-her-name’ in it. I just don’t understand why anyone felt the need to re-imagine it so soon after it as already been “re-imagined”? Are these folks on high smokin’ crack?!

Please, H’wood, get a clue and get some new material…there’s plenty out there and stop being so obvious. Anything for a quick buck. The seventeen and under crowd will flock to this stinker…and that’s what it will be *wiffy*!


Justin Timberlake is headlining what will probably be a big hit this summer, Friends With Benefits. He had a nice part in The Social Network, and has been consistently getting roles for some time now.

But of course, young while male actors are not losing because Justin, because there are hundreds of mainstream white movies released every year. But there are so few roles for young black actors in mainstream movies, that it does hurt when parts are given to non-actors.

But I wouldn’t cry about Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.


At least Trey won’t be around long, lol. Five minutes twenty-two seconds?

I don’t know maybe he’s done some acting somewhere and it’s just a horror flick. Ever go back and watch the very first Friday the 13th? I don’t think they even had a script : just run and scream when you hear a loud noise and when it’s quiet say “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

I have to admit as much as I don’t like non-acting singers/rappers in movies, I did watch Desperately Seeking Susan and Who’s That Girl back in the day just for Madonna. Of course, at the time I wasn’t legal but still if the audience they want are middle school to mid 20s, I get the appeal and I guess I shouldn’t complain. From now on, I will reserve criticism on these types of casting decisions for films aimed at older audiences.

Duncan MaNutz

Yeah, Will had a nice run…but when do Real Actors get a shot ? I think you will get a better performance from someone that’s trained and has acting chops…..If White folks stared casting all of their pop stars in every film how long would take before Angelina Jolie held a Press Conference and demanded her job back.



I had this whole long comment, but some things don’t need any comment, they speak for themselves. LOL


There have been some that say it. But they aren’t the ones funding the movies so no one listens. Besides, when you have someone like Will Smith being a #1 actor, people are going to argue that it is possible to make a good film with a rapper/singer.

Duncan MaNutz

I really don’t understand why Real Black Actors wont stand up and say something about Rappers/Singers taking movie roles. I will not and have not supported any film with a Rapper/Singer.

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