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UPDATE: Spike Lee’s “New Joint” Begins Shooting Today; Revisiting “Mookie” In “Red Hook”

UPDATE: Spike Lee's "New Joint" Begins Shooting Today; Revisiting "Mookie" In "Red Hook"

Just lifted the following from Wilson Morales’ site: has exclusively learned that Spike Lee is currently working on a new feature film called ‘Red Hook Summer‘ with production slated to start this month. Details on the plot is limited, but a close source has informed us that the story centers on a adult from Atlanta who comes and spends the summer in Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY. The kicker to this story is that Lee will be reprising his role as Mookie, the character he played over twenty years ago in his most famous film, 1989′s ‘ Do the Right Thing.’

The original post begins after the jump below…


Wake Up. I been up since 430am. On the way to the set of THE NEW SPIKE LEE JOINT.Today is 1st Day of Shooting.Awwwwwwwwwwww Sheeeeeeeeeeeeet

Words tweeted by Spike Lee very early this morning, at about 5:30AM.

Needless to say, I read the tweet when I got into the office today, and I had a “WTF?” moment. Did I miss something? A press release, or some other announcement? What new Spike Lee joint is this that he starts shooting today? Is it a film, a commercial (he does those as well), or something else? But since he called it specifically “THE NEW SPIKE LEE JOINT, I’m left to believe that it’s a feature film.

But then I remembered last month’s news that Spike was teaming with writer John Ridley, Doug Ellin (creator of Entourage) and Mike Tyson to produce a drama series project for HBO titled Da Brick. Though that was just 3 weeks ago, and in that initial report, the project was still in development, and hadn’t even been cast. I seriously doubt that they’ve been able to get it all together in such a short period of time to begin photography 3 weeks later. Unless, of course the report was incorrect, and scripting on the project was already complete, casting done, etc. But our source was Deadline, and they are hardly, if ever, inaccurate.

Spike certainly isn’t talking, so we’ll just have to wait until the real story breaks…

I heard a smattering of a rumor over the weekend, while I was at the American Black Film Festival that something was brewing, but couldn’t post anything because I didn’t have any facts.

Stay tuned…

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Dankwa Brooks

If Public Enemy with ALL MEMBERS including the Bomb Squad producing as well as YES Flavor Flaaaav doesn’t make a bombing track for the soundtrack Imma be mad >:O


Sounds like OZU’s [TOKYO STORY] Homage with a pinch of Kurusawa’s [IKURU] in a urban setting, good move:)


Do want to see this one. Sounds like “what has happened” since ’89. Some things change, some things stay the same. Should be good stuff.


This is his sequel to “Do The Right Thing”, Spike is officially back to doing what he does best. :)

Brooklyn Blackman

Dankwa Brooks

WOW. Not sure if I want to see where Mookie is now. I’d rather see another one of the characters he played. I liked Mookie forever in that time period. :-/


I’ve been looking forward to something Brooklyn-based by Spike for some time now. Not mad that he stopped those stories for awhile, but glad he’s back. Red Hook, even with all the changes, still has that raw look to it. This may be dope. Thanks for the update.


I guess I’m not the only one with a “WTF?” moment when I read Spike’s tweet today. I’m sure will find out what he’s cooking up soon enough.


Yeah how come he kept this under such tight wraps?

Nelson George

I was walking past Spike’s production office in Fort Greene this weekend and saw a big white production van outside and the doors open. The van wasn’t filled yet but there were several young folks with walki’s moving in and out of the building. Thought it was probably for a commercial, but I guess not. I’ve been in contact with him a few times in the last few months but he never mentioned a new film. Good luck to him. FYI Red Hook is where he shot Clockers.

Dankwa Brooks

I follow Spike on Twitter as well and I too wondered “Why the f*ck didn’t S&A tell me about this?” LOL. Good to know that I had not missed anything. I will stay tuned!

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