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Watch Accalimed Canadian Drama Feature “Nurse.Fighter.Boy” In Full For FREE Now!

Watch Accalimed Canadian Drama Feature "Nurse.Fighter.Boy" In Full For FREE Now!

The film is called Nurse.Fighter.Boy, directed by Canadian Charles Officer.

It stars Clark Johnson, Karen Leblanc, and Daniel J Gordon.

For those who aren’t immediately familiar, Clark Johnson is a name you should know. If you’ve ever watched the critically acclaimed TV series, Homicide: Life On The Streets, or The Wire, you’ve likely seen some of the man’s work. Suffice it to say that he’s good at what he does.

The film played the global film festival circuit for a couple of years after its 2008 debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, to much critical acclaim, and was eventually picked up by Film Movement.

We screened it at BAM in Brooklyn, NYC as an ActNow: New Voices In Black Cinema entry last fall. And now you can watch it in full for FREE on Hulu!

The full Nurse.Fighter.Boy story goes…

Jude is a single mother and caregiver living with sickle-cell anemia. Silence is an illegal boxer, struggling to figure out what he’s fighting for, now that he’s past his prime. Ciel is Jude’s 12-year-old son, who dreams of happiness and comfort for his mom. His prayers for her are fanciful and might be magical. Jude is descended from a long line of caregivers who dreams of going back to Zion: St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. During the last week of summer, a late-night brawl finds the fighter in the nurse’s care, intertwining their fates. The urban love story of Nurse.Fighter.Boy explores archetypal characters of nurturer, warrior, and child with a humanizing respect. The performances of Karen LeBlanc (nurse), Clark Johnson (fighter), and Daniel J. Gordon (boy) are understated and deeply felt. Gordon’s Ciel is a complex creature whose eyes show impressive emotion. Shot in high definition, the colors are bold and saturated. Making the film even more vibrant is its excellent soundtrack of classic and contemporary reggae, gospel, and soul.

I’ve seen it, and was moved by the experience. It’s, broadly, a visually accomplished, well-acted film that laconically narrates a story about love and self-discovery, and you’re encouraged to see it.

Watch the 90 minute film in its entirety below (thanks Yolanda for the heads-up):

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don’t know what happened to my comment…well..just finished watching this and shedding some tears :'( Really enjoyed the film though.


I’m trying to find Karen Leblanc’s Canadian TV series ‘Soul’ online or DVD.


Absolutely LOVE the “Oh Love” song.


I love Clark Kellogg. I remember watching him on the Canadian series “Night Heat” before he was on “Homicide”. He’s an acclaimed director in his own right and wish he gets more work. He directed “SWAT” with Colin Farrell and Sam Jack (which incidentally was one of the few movies directed by a Black man to gross > $100 million domestically.), the pilot and several episodes of “The Shield” and “The Wire”. But alas, having a $100 million dollar movie isn’t enough for a Black director in Hollywood, one flop (The Sentinel starring Michael Douglas and Keifer Sutherland) and you never get another shot at a feature.


dog on hulu player been trying to watch this all morning.


I enjoyed that. The movie said alot without words. Very nice work by the director and actors. I love intimate stories like this. Kudos to all involved.


Will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing, tambay.


“well-acted film that laconically narrates a story about love and self-discovery”

I view myself as a quasi-wordsmith, but “laconically” had me reaching for my dictionary. And to that point, this type of movie is not for the quasi-film lover. I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t recommend it to any ol’body. I mean, just like when someone I don’t know (their taste, their flow, what makes them smile) tells me that a movie is “good”, I immediately ask them what’s good about it. Last night I watch the animation Rango. I loved it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to my brother or many of my friends. They would look at me like I was nuts, or ask me if I watched it with small children, which I did not (just me and my lady).

If I had to describe Nurse.Fighter.Boy, personally, in short, I would call it an endearing movie with many messages. Endearing in the fact that within in each of main characters there was something I could feel, love and relate to. And, the “playmates” were adorable. To someone I knew would appreciate the quality of this type of movie, I’d say it was 4 out of 5 stars.

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