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Watch Avery Brooks Chat w/ William Shatner On Playing Sisko In Clip From Documentary “The Captains”

Watch Avery Brooks Chat w/ William Shatner On Playing Sisko In Clip From Documentary "The Captains"

Courtesy of i09… here’s a clip from an upcoming new documentary titled The Captains, in which William Shatner aka Captain James T. Kirk, interviews every actor who has played captain in any of the series in the Star Trek franchise. Interesting concept, especially if you’re a fan.

The documentary, produced and directed by William Shatner, will air on July 22 at 8PM EST EST on EPIX and

In the below clip, Shatner chats with the incomparable Avery Brooks who played Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – the first African American captain to lead a Star Trek series.

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Taped every episode and STILL brought the entire series on DVD. DS9 is the one Trek series that took risks It is the one Trek series in which characters actually grew and changed over the course of its run. Loved it,

Dankwa Brooks

Even the great TNG (The Next Generation) which I heart so much didn’t really take off until about its third season so I don’t blame DS9 for that. I think the introduction of the badass Jem’Hedar had A LOT to do with the show’s take off as well. While TNG is still my favorite I think DS9 was the first fully realized Trek series and easily an extremely close second. How close? Thisclose. TNG was kind of clean and sterile and DS9 was gritty which I enjoyed as well.

It was also good to see a black man and son with a loving relationship on tv again, something that had been remiss since ‘The Cosby Show’. You can see the genuine affection between the actors Brooks and Cirroc Lofton.


I loved DS9 and I loved Sisko and all his relations … his son, his late wife, his new wife, everything …. I miss DS9 and certainly miss the captain! I hope the show will make a comeback as a HIGH QUALITY film one day, even better, a new television series.

DS9 is the best in the franchise, so underrated.


Cool. I love DS9 and Avery “Hawk” Brooks was my man.

James Madison: Although he wasn’t “Hawk in Space”, the show and his portrayal of Siko didn’t really take off until he became more like “Hawk”. In season 3 when he finally grew the goatee and shaved his head is when the show started hitting on all cylinders.

Eshowman: Avery Brooks directed that one also. He was really proud of that episode and how it addressed the social issues African Americans face/d.


Please let me now when this will be on DVD. I am in the middle of rewatching DS9 right now. This makes my inner geek girl do backflips.Check out Far Beyond the Star in Season Six. Sisko dreams that he is a black science fiction writer in 1950’s priceless.

James Madison

Ah! Avery Brooks!

His role as Captain Sisko was great.

I think a lot of folks wanted him to be “Hawk In Space”. The thing is, Avery is an actor and not a one trick pony. He can emote effortlessly.

I definitely want to see the rest of the interview.

Thanks for the heads up!

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