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Watch: ‘Battleship’ Trailer Is Basically ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ In The Water

Watch: 'Battleship' Trailer Is Basically 'Battle: Los Angeles' In The Water

Update: We’ve added the official trailer from Yahoo below.

So the countdown has ended on the official website and…nothing happened…but as seems to be usual these days, another territory has spilled the beans early and the first trailer for “Battleship” is now online and this is what 200 million dollars looks like.

Yes, the board game is now an alien invasion movie and it looks about as soggy as you might expect from a far too expensive summer blockbuster. Starring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna, Hamish Linklater and Brooklyn Decker (whose ample assets are used right from the start), the trailer starts out with your standard rom-com set up — taciturn Pops doesn’t approve of rebel kid — before turning into an sci-fi something or other with Liam Neeson coolly ordering that his ship fire all their weapons at the disappointingly generic looking alien ships. Here’s the uphill battle “Battleship” faces — it’s arriving in the wake of a slew of alien invasion movies (“Skyline,” “Battle: Los Angeles,” “Cowboys & Aliens,” and hell, even “Transformers“) — and if the creature/ship design is really this bland, it will have to do a lot more to distinguish itself as just another run through similar territory.

Does Peter Berg‘s film “degrade” cinema as James Cameron suggested last year? No. Is it anything worth getting excited for at this point? Unfortunately, that’s a no as well. Put on your water goggles and nose plugs and check out the trailer below. “Battleship” opens on May 18, 2012. [via Cinemateaser]

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Berg is ALMOST at Bay level
gorgeous CGI, clearly going for photo-real

Gabe Toro

Why do most trailers play like they’re “Simpsons” satires?

“Prepare to fire.”
“Which weapons?”



It doesn’t look *bad* exactly–nothing ridiculously stupid or annoying–it just looks so…completely…*boring*. We’ve seen all this before, there’s nothing to grab hold of or appreciate as new, it’s just bland as all get out. Which is really weird to say about a $200mil action movie involving an alien invasion, but there it is.


Would make a lot more sense than this.

I’m think it should have been told as a war story. Maybe contain some of the 60s outdated sexism from the game cover.

Kevin Jagernauth

What did you want? 2 hours of people putting plastic bits into other plastic bits with holes? Of all the things to complain about with “Battleship” adherence to the game is the least of its problems.


When did the game of Battleship involve aliens, rugby and Brooklyn Decker?


Looks more like “Transformers” at sea than “Battle: LA”. Neither comparison is particularly flattering. I like that the trailer opens with a dude romping on the beach with a supermodel. Yeah. I can relate to that. Peter Berg has abandoned any pretense of being an interesting director. Anyone remember “Very Bad Things”? I liked that movie.


That actually looks alright. Berg can do big action like few others. And it has a throwback ’90s Bruckheimer vibe to it. I only wish they were just fighting other warships and not aliens. Imagine a kick-ass naval battleship film featuring all sorts of massive ships and jet planes and all that. Just a straight-up Top Gun at sea. Don’t need another alien invasion plot.


It looks like fun. I’m gonna watch it for Neeson and Skarsgard.


I mean, come on… how are we supposed to battle those things?

The human race can’t have an artillery answer for everything.

Andy Battaglia

Please note that Battleship will NOT be in 3D.

Edward Davis

Holy shit, this looks fucking terrible. Fright Night Lights opening meets Transformers. Yuck.

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