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Watch: Breathtaking, Ass-Kicking Teaser Trailer For Wong Kar-Wai’s ‘The Grandmasters’

Watch: Breathtaking, Ass-Kicking Teaser Trailer For Wong Kar-Wai's 'The Grandmasters'

While we finally got “The Dark Knight Rises” official teaser trailer earlier today and with spots for “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” due this week, it looks like Wong Kar-Wai has come out of nowhere and kicked all kinds of superhero ass.

Just like that, a teaser trailer for his long-gestating and oft-delayed “The Grandmasters” has hit the web and it doesn’t hold back the sizzle. The picture, starring Tony Leung (who looks fantastic) and Zhang Ziyi, is a biopic of Yip Man, the first martial artist to teach Wing Chun, and the man who trained Bruce Lee, among many others. The film popped up for buyers to take a look at in February at Berlin Film Festival, and images from the film have also hit in the early part of the year. But this is our first taste of actual footage and it looks downright incredible. The seventy-second long clip is a rain-soaked fight scene that seems almost staged like a widescreen musical, with a flurry of fists and kicks coming right at you and sending bodies flying. That video quality is lacking and a bit dark so we hope that an HD version is around the corner.

Other than that, the film remains a bit of mystery. Earlier this year, it was reported that “The Grandmasters” would not be finished until the end of 2011, but with this first teaser trailer hitting, could Wong Kar-Wai be readying the film for the fall festival circuit? Lord, we hope so. Megan Ellison currently holds the U.S. rights to the flick and will be looking to pair up with a distributor. It’s likely no one else is coming aboard until they get a better a look, but from this peek alone, you can bet Ellison’s phone is going to start buzzing. Check it out below. [Vlicious!]

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Yeah, I have to agree with Hmmm on this one. If this was a trailer for Zack Snyder’s next film, it would have been dismissed as more overstylized violence.
Yes, Wong Kar-Wai deserves more of a benefit of the doubt than Snyder does but this trailer is definitely being oversold here.

Kevin Jagernauth

The fact that all anyone can talk about in the comments is The Matrix depresses me to no end.


My god. Cut the hipster bullshit.

This looks like derivative shit. The action isn’t even filmed coherently.

Neo vs Smith’s final fight blows this away and it’s not even close.


Man, I’m excited for this! I’ve never seen a Wong film on the big screen–I really hope this will be the one.

I also think it unlikely that the whole film will be anything like this–Wong doesn’t do action for action’s sake–I’m guessing maybe two more real fight scenes and maybe a couple slices of others, and the rest focusing on lost romances, longing, and inward voiceover.


Should Matrix claim royalties?


This is what the final fight of Matrix Revolutions should have been like.

Edward Davis

Damn, son!

Keith L

So this will be his first movie (Ashes of Time notwithstanding) with actual fight scenes?

Oh wait, the scene may not end up in the actual movie…

Thuan Dang

It’s coherent to me? But I think Michael Bay’s action scenes are also coherent. Whatever, can’t wait. So much Z-axis, I love it.


I’m with Kevin on this one. Have we become SO overstimulated by Hollywood bullshit trailers that give away all the best scenes that we watch an 80 second teaser (not even full trailer) for a new film by one of the world’s greatest living directors and all we can say is “Mehhhh, Matrix did it better?!”

Unless it’s all just internet sarcasm, in which case, never mind.

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