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Watch Clips for Shocking Documentary “Angel”

Watch Clips for Shocking Documentary "Angel"

The documentary Angel, directed by Sebastiano d’Ayala Valva and produced by Laurent Segal, is another film screening at next month’s New York International Latino Film Festival.

According to Angel‘s Facebook page, the synopsis reads, “In Paris everyone knows him as “Mujeron” (Big Woman) but his real name is Angel. A former boxer from Ecuador, Angel is now a transsexual prostitute in France. His mission in life is to support his family back home. Now, after five years away, the time has come for him to see what his help has achieved. In his first trip home since he left Ecuador, Angel is confronted with the harsh reality of …his country and an ambiguous relationship with his family. ‘Angel’ is a compelling insight into the complexities of identity and economic struggle in Ecuador. But, above all, it is the touching story of a remarkable individual and his fight for justice and acceptance.”

I will be in New York for this festival the week of August 15th, and hopefully will get to see this. I may share my thoughts of some of the festival films I’ve posted about in the site. :)

I couldn’t find a trailer in English, but I have embedded the following two clips below. Regardless of the morally questionable or controversial nature of the subject matter, I was touched by what I saw in these clips.

Check them out.

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Seen “Angel” and it’s the rare doc where you wanted more when it ended. An enthralling character and story that no one will soon forget – seek it out.



Okay, it’s time I get my preach on – again. But wait, it’s not my usual affair. Yesterday Ms. Jasmine Fox (she was just being temporally mean :-)) called me a homophobe or something like that. And damn, I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds so nasty. But check this, some of know that I went to jail for a very serious crime (bank robbery), but in my earlier crime life, when I was only seventeen, I went to jail for the first time for stealing the entire basketballs shoe of the local basketball team (I was in college at the time). Well, in my cell block there was a guy just like Angle; “Mujeron” (Big Woman). he wasn’t my celly, but it was a small block of about 10 men, so we all were in close proximity of each other. Back then, we were not dressed out in county issue clothes, i.e., white with black stripe or bright orange (and I’ve worn many different colors), so this guy, who we called Big Will, had his “bra”, yes his bra, hanging over the bars in his cell. Now, although Will’s sexual orientation might have been in question, he was a tuff ass brother.

One day, a guard came by to pass out books. They passed them through the bar to whomever is sitting outside their cell, but each of us had our own special books that we may have specially ordered or everyone knew what books were coveted by whom. Will was taking a nap at the time, so this one brotha happen to grab Will’s books and take them to his cell. Oh lord, why did he do that? Will slapped the shit out of that brotha and wiped him across the floor like he was the “punk”. Shiiit, nobody messed with Big Will. He was 6’ 3” 220lbs of muscle and his “johnson” hung to his knees. Are you kidding me, nobody wanted to get knocked out by Big Will and then find out what his love was really all about. :-(

I remember when Will got done murdering ol’boy, I said “yeah man, you know you didn’t have no business fking with Will’s books“. Shiiiit, I was trying to let Big Will know that I was cool with him *lol*.

That was my earliest encounter with gays and their ways, and I learned a few valuable things along the way, and I have a step daughter who is a lesbian, who happens to be married to another women. And oh yeah, Big Will was also a “prostitute” and I went to school with her pimp, who later was shot dead outside a juke joint. So, in short, I would give this documentary a good look.


Reminds me of a piece about a Thai boxer (I think he was Thai) who went through a sex change and then tried to go back to boxing. I think they made a movie out of it.


I co-sign on that “wow” kai!



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