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Watch “Innocence Abandoned: Street Kids of Haiti” Trailer

Watch "Innocence Abandoned: Street Kids of Haiti" Trailer

Leapfrog Productions Innocence Abandoned: Street Kids of Haiti is directed by Young Man Kang and produced by Dennis James Lee and Tomiko Ok Lee. The documentary film, over 10 years in the making, chronicles the lives of street kids growing up in Haiti.

The official website‘s about the film reads:

“Leapfrog Productions brings you a stunning film directed by Young Man Kang about the street kids of Haiti. This extraordinary human saga that spans 10 years starts with the story of a young man named Wilner St. Fort and his fellow street kids growing up in Port-Au-Prince. Their fight for survival takes us on a harrowing journey into a landscape filled with violence, death, and constant peril. Their shocking story is heart-wrenching, full of moral dilemmas, and has explosive revelations that will stun the world, even in the midst of the recent historical earthquake that had devastated their country. Wilner and his fellow street kids hope for the future — to build and run their own orphanage and protect and raise their fellow young street kids from poverty and ever-present evils that are set out to destroy them.”

According to the film’s facebook page, Kang and his crew went back to Haiti to capture extra footage after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Although I don’t have any upcoming screening information, the film is set to be released later this summer.

Watch the trailer:

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S&A y’all just keep turning me on…to good stuff.

I recently watched “Life and Debt” about the debt crisis with the IMF and NWO in Jamaica. I probably added that one to my queue because you all rec’d it.

This trailer breaks my heart. I should probably go to bed. Up late. Can’t sleep. Emotional.

Definitely want to see this, too.

I wonder though, by the looks of the trailer the narration is from two viewpoints: the female aid and the goverment guy. Wondering if there will be first-hand “telling” (the little one in the beginning) from the street kids or mostly commentary from those two or three officials/experts/reporters.


I would like to watch it but i wont . Simply because i already watched something similar called ghost of cite soleil .

I cant respect any film or documentary about Haiti that doesn’t speak on how the country’s resistance to slavery and rebellion lead to sanctions by European nations that drove it to the poverty it experiences now,

So what you get is basically a film of black people who cant seem to get it right and bodies dropping left and right and no one wants to talk about its root cause.


I’ll definitely check this out.


i’m looking forward to seeing this.


Consider me interested.

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