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Watch: Jason Statham Makes A Weird ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Joke In The Trailer For ‘Blitz’

Watch: Jason Statham Makes A Weird 'Diff'rent Strokes' Joke In The Trailer For 'Blitz'

In case you missed the memo, or if you just can’t keep up with the onslaught of Jason Statham movies, he’s got one more coming but it’s going straight-to-DVD and it’s called “Blitz.” And yeah, it looks pretty low-rent even for a Statham flick.

Ordinarily, we’d just get on with our day not bother with this, but a new trailer for the film has dropped and it’s notable for having the most random, out-of-context “‘Diff’rent Strokes” joke ever. Why “Diff’rent Strokes”? Is Statham a fan of Gary Coleman? Is that show integral to the inner workings of his complex character? Did whoever cut this already short trailer have no other quality footage to use? Guess we’ll have to rent this after all. In “Blitz” Statham plays a (gasp) undercover cop who teams up with his gay partner to track down a crazy cop killer. Believe it or not, the film is based on a novel by Ken Bruen and more surprisingly was written by “Moon” scribe Nathan Parker. The film co-stars Paddy Considine, Luke Evans and Aidan Gillen. Elliot Lester is directing.

The DVD will hit on August 23rd and will be one of three Statham movies coming this fall, with “The Killer Elite” and “Safe” also on the way. Check out the trailer below.

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Jessica Kiang

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the (mis) casting of Statham is this film’s downfall, because it’s being marketed as a Statham movie, rather than the low-key London crime thriller it actually is. That’s not to say it’s brilliant or anything, but it has great elements (Considine! Considine! Considine!) and probably could have found an audience if it wasn’t promising one thing, then delivering another.

Course it probably would never have gotten made at all without Statham. Conundrum.

Jessica Kiang

Actually I saw Blitz too, and I enjoyed it – not so much for Statham, who I do usually have a soft spot for, but for Gillen being surprisingly good (normally I find him arch to the point of unwatchability: at least his Game of Thrones character is written like that), and mostly for Paddy Considine’s cop/partner character. I want a spin off that features just him, running around being a big gay badass.

Anonymous Bosch

I’d rather wait and hear the opinion of someone who isn’t involved in the street marketing team.

Mr Anonymous

I’ve never been a Jason Statham fan. I know what he’s about but i’ve rarely watched any of his films….. until recently. It’s only now i’m starting to understand the appeal and get what he’s all about and frankly i saw Blitz and thought it was brilliant! Really enjoyed it.

Though i have to say it’s more of an ensemble film this rather than a pure Statham vehicle which is probably why i liked it so much. There was a lot of humour in it which i didn’t expect. And Aidan Gillen makes a fantastic nemesis, total psycho!

So far i’ve seen both his Crank movies, The Expendables, The Mechanic and now this. This is probably the one i enjoyed the most. The Expendables being the least.

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