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Watch – Marvel Teases “The Avengers” Teaser + Releases Character Posters

Watch - Marvel Teases "The Avengers" Teaser + Releases Character Posters

If you’ve seen Captain America: The First Avenger, then some, if not all of this, will already be familiar to you. It starts with the ending of the movie, which is followed by a 15 second tease of the Avengers movie, which is currently shooting, and will be out next summer. And of course, there’s old boy Nick Fury (aka Samuel L. Jackson) leading the pack…

I’m having difficulty getting excited for this one for some reason… maybe because I wasn’t too enamored with the last few movies centered on a few of the characters – like Ironman 2, which I thought sucked, both recent Hulk movies didn’t work for me, Thor was forgettable, and I shrugged at Captain America. And with Joss Whedon directing… I dunno. We’ll see.

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i very like,thismovice.


Whedon up for bat again?

I’m hit or miss with him. Didn’t like Buffy/Angel or Dollhouse but LOVED Firefly/Serenity.

Not 100 with Marvel. More of a DC fan. Nolan’s Dark Knights are my fav. action hero/comic book movies; but I’m a Batman fangirl so… And Ironman 1 will always lay waste to anything that follows. Was a fan of the Hulk television series. Can take or leave the rest of “the Avengers” and those XMen.


I’m with Vichus. Nolan made a good, not great, crime film dressed up like a superhero movie. I like Nolan, but I think he’s overrated. He’s a great technician, but his films tend to be pretentious and emotionally detached. Avengers needs to be big and fun…like a restrained, well written Michael Bay movie…if such a thing can ever exist.



I DON’T want another Chris Nolan. I want another good director. Besides, Batman is what you can get away with concerning dark, gritty and “real.” That’s Batman’s neighborhood.

Marvel needs their own big director. I thought that was Favreau, but he went and did Cowboys and Aliens and whatever else.

Could it be Whedon? I’m just as in the dark as you, because this is a big step for him. It could very well be a disaster, but so far, I’m more than alright with the sneak peek footage.


@ Vichus – I know you’re a comic book afficionado, and even though I don’t read comic books in general, I think you may have me confused with Sergio who seems to despise them.

Movies are movies; the same laws still apply. I want to be moved to actually give a damn about what’s going on on screen. And a lot of these superhero movies lately haven’t been very good at all. Give me Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” over everything else I’ve seen in the last 20 years. I actually liked the first Robert Downey Jr “Iron Man” movie; the second one, however, not very good. I liked the second Raimi “Spiderman” movie, the 3rd one was a convoluted mess. The second “X-Men” movie was cool; the 3rd one stunk;The last “Superman” movie directed by Brian Singer was terrible. I thought “X-Men: First Class” mostly sucked, saved mostly by its 2 leads; “Thor” felt more like a campy early 80s sci-fi flick to me; all that was missing was the Queen soundtrack; the last 2 “Hulk” movies just didn’t work for me; I’d even take Tim Burton’s “Batman” and the first 2 Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies over a lot of the above.

So, yeah, I like movies. Good movies. Superhero or not.

As for Joss Whedon, I’m familiar with the man’s work, but when I think Avengers, from what I’ve read of the comic book, the first person I think of isn’t the dude who created “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Dollhouse,” “Angel” (a spin-off of “Buffy”) or directed “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along.” The most appealing thing he’s done (at least to me anyway) was the “Serenity” movie. Still not enough for me to be excited about what he might do with “Avengers.”

Who do I think should direct? I dunno…

But there’s a reason why they brought Nolan in to shepherd the “Superman” reboot. So far, he hasn’t disappointed, even though Zack Snyder will be directing this one. Let’s hope he keeps the slo-mo action shots and overpowering soundtrack to a minimum.


See, I want Black filmmakers to start expanding their vision and make crowd pleasers like this(with predominantly Black casts of course).


What’s wrogn with goddamn Joss whedon? what, you think he’s going to have them killing vampires and talking about high school? Damn! Astonishing X-men, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Serenity. Boom. I’m in.

Who you want to direct, M. Night? If your favorite director of all time was helming this, you’d still be watching a superhero movie, and I don’t think you’re into them. Just a gut feeling.


But you thought tree of life was a masterpiece? Maybe this whole indie wire thingy was a bad idea…lol


You forgot the Hulk character poster

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