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Watch: New ‘Tintin’ Trailer Looks Like The Indiana Jones Sequel We Should Have Had

Watch: New 'Tintin' Trailer Looks Like The Indiana Jones Sequel We Should Have Had

It’s been three years since Steven Spielberg‘s last full-length feature, the awful “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” a sequel rightly regarded as a stain on the franchise. What should have been another breezy adventure with our favorite grizzled professor of archaeology was a silly Area 51-influenced quest that missed the pulse of the original films. Well, it looks like Spielberg is ready to redeem himself.

A new, full length U.K. trailer for “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” has arrived and it’s easily the best one yet. It looks like our young Belgian reporter is going on an Indiana Jones-worthy journey, with the mo-capped film promising a globe-spanning tale, a beautifully rendered period setting and an overall tone that we found winning and charming. Though in low quality, the animation here looks fluid and above all eye-catching, and our only quibble is that the Thomson and Thompson gag is the only false note — we hope their antics aren’t just reduced to pratfalls. And finally, we get our first real look at Archibald Haddock played by Andy Serkis.

The film opens on October 26th across the pond, before getting a U.S. release on December 23rd. Check out the full trailer below. [via Dark Horizons]

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Fact is: If you love Indiana Jones – you must hate “Skull”.

I love the worldwide hate against “Skull”. You all know me as longtime Indy-Fan and expert and I would love to thank the Indy-Fandom for hating “Skull”. We don’t pretend we like this embarrassing movie. We are not like this “Everything is fine … everything is great”-Star Wars-Fanboys.


Serkis looks like he’ll steal the show.

Crystal Skull wasn’t awful!

Connor Macgregor

Thought the teaser was ok, but this has just sparked my interest a lot more. Good job Spielberg.


looks good

Christopher Bell

How can you honestly tell someone who doesn’t like an Indiana Jones movie, which are all more or less kids movies, to grow up?


the best part of Indiana Jones =

Indiana’s improvised detective work
Indiana’s dirty , comedic fighting techniques.
Indiana’s internal fight between what to do with the power that he fights
The “whose incharge of who” relationships that he has on his journey

NONE of that was in the Crystal Skull. That being said, I think that Tintin is a character that audiences will be scared off of because it’s based on a European Kids Comic.


Okay, wait–let me amend that. People can genuinely dislike Crystal Skull, they can sincerely think it’s not good, they can honestly dislike it for whatever reason. HOWEVER:

It is not awful. It is not worthless. It is not shit. It’s better then all the goddamn Transformers and Pirates Of The Caribbean and Mummy movies and whatever the hell else the internet haters march off to see and to rent. Anybody who says Crystal Skull is terrible, awful, unwatchable worthless peice of garbage is talking nonsense.

Again, someone may not LIKE it because it doesn’t appeal to them, or they weren’t the target audience, or it simply was not their personal taste. However, to admit that it’s not the movie, it’s them, and that it has good qualities despite not having pandered to their exact demographic, might require actual good taste, intelligence and humility. And that is probably too much to hope for.


Hey brian: I said it’s not awful, it’s a pretty good movie. Learn to read.

And if Crystal Skull is awful, then so is Temple Of Doom, and Last Crusade is beyond contempt. Don’t ever praise those two movies because Crystal Skull is better then both of them in a lot of ways.

90 percent of the people who will immediately post on the Internet about how much it sucks whenever anyone mentions it or when Spielberg or Lucas make a movie about anything, are mindless barking dogs who just say they hate it because they think they’re supposed to. If they’d shot that lousy Darabont draft that everybody claims to love so much, all you same cranks would be on here saying how awful THAT is.

Save your ire for truly terrible Lucas films like Radioland Murders and Howard The Duck, and genuinely awful filmmakers like Micheal Bay.

Crystal Skull’s a good movie. Cut the bullshit, stop complaining, and grow up.


Temple and Crusade are no Raiders, but at least they contain some good lines, some fun new characters, and several fantastic action set pieces. Crystal Skull had none of those things.


I wouldn’t see “Crystal Skull” on a dare, but the other sequels to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” were terrible. “Temple of Doom” is so bad it almost retroactively ruined the original.


Have higher standards, people. I’m with the playlist on this one. Crystal Skull is a piece of shit.


Crystal Skull is fine. Watched it as part of an Indiana Jones marathon on cable over the weekend, and it fits in nicely with the series. Just wish they’d toned down the CGI.

It also features a cameo from Chet Haze.


Crystal Skull was a solid 7/10. A few problems here and there, but its heart was in the right place.


I think it is hip to use the “your just saying that because it is hip to hate on that, when actually if you had your own opinion, you would see things my way” argument. Also, leading off with “(insert Spielberg movie) was not awful” isn’t a strong argument, because it implies that although ‘not awful’ it is decidedly not good either. My personal opinion (which is not governed at all by the need to feel hip) is that Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull was and is awful.


Crystal Skull was not awful. It’s overall a pretty good movie.

However, you can make yourself seem hip or cool by hating it (and George Lucas in general) so, if that’s the route you’re weak enough to take, go right ahead. Don’t bother to actually think for yourself or anything, or stand up for an unpopular opinion against the irony-armored idiots.

Drew Taylor

It’s cool that we’ll have an animated movie from ILM (“Rango”) and now WETA in one year.




Spielberg is back! When he’s on, nobody can touch The Beard for a slam-bang action adventure tale.


looks fantastic…
but again there seems to be a reluctance to show much of the dialog…lots of half lines cutting to something else…

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