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Watch Now: Teaser for New Web Series “Black Folk Don’t”

Watch Now: Teaser for New Web Series "Black Folk Don't"

We’ve all heard it before. “Black folk don’t [insert stereotype here]. Tip? Swim? Smoke any cigarette other than Newports?

Now documentary filmmaker Angela Tucker (Invisible Men, (A)sexual) brings us an exploration of the ideas typically associated with blackness in the forthcoming web series Black Folk Don’t.

Tucker, with support from the National Black Programming Consortium, will feature a new debate each week on what Black folk supposedly don’t do.

For the most part, the series conveys “Black folk don’t” as an anecdotal idea and concept based on negative stereotypes. But the argument is also made that “in some cases, ‘Black folks don’t’ is a statistical fact. Black folk don’t go to the doctor in the numbers they should.”

For a glimpse of the series, see the teaser below:

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Black Folk Don’t launches on August 1st.

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Dankwa Brooks

JUST followed on Twitter. Let the conversation begin.


Womp womp


Oh, I most definitely want to see this series. The things that you DON’T do are the things that HINDER you. Peace and blessings to these folks.


I agree with the last guy.

Great Idea and combined with some web / Hashtag based cross promotion this could do really well. I’ll follow it with interest.

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