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Watch Preview For “Bandwagon” – Web Series Co-Starring Tracie Thoms

Watch Preview For "Bandwagon" - Web Series Co-Starring Tracie Thoms

Check out this intriguing preview of the upcoming season 2 of an ensemble web series Tracie Thoms co-stars in titled Bandwagon, created by Karri Bowman, Emma Caulfield and Camilla Rantsen. I’m only now hearing about it; actually Tracie sent it to us last night, otherwise I may not have known it existed, despite the fact that it’s going into its second season.

Anybody watched season 1? And if so, thoughts? Based on what I see in this preview of season 2, I’m curious and encouraged to see what I missed in its first run.

Season 2 launches on July 13th.

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Actually there has been only 1 season on the series so far. What it treated as a precursor is the movie of the same name Emma Caulfield made in 2004. It's up on youtube in parts. They are currently fundraising to create the second season.


Brilliant. And yes, Season 1 is a MUST SEE!

kid video

if only this format could generated some real income…this could stand a good chance on hulu also.


Looks Good! Will have to check out season 1.


Yes season one was hilarious! You can find it on YouTube. Definitely watch it to the final episode. Genius!


I’m digging it! I need to find season 1 now.


on season 1 – i thought it was great! it had a much smaller cast but all of the actors were hilarious; especially emma. i would definitely recommend watching the first season but it looks like season 2 is going in a new and exciting direction.

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