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Watch: Ramona Flowers Sees ‘The Thing’ In First Trailer For The Prequel

Watch: Ramona Flowers Sees 'The Thing' In First Trailer For The Prequel

It looks like Ramona Flowers has headed somewhere even colder than Toronto and is facing something far more dangerous than falling back into a relationship with Gideon Graves.

The trailer for “The Thing” remake has finally arrived and despite all the advance word about being reverential to John Carpenter‘s film — which the film is serving as a prequel to — it pretty much plays like your standard scary monster flick and that’s kind of disappointing. Directed by newcomer Matthis van Heijningen Jr. and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Eric Christian Olsen, the film will tell the story of the Norwegian team and the origins of the titular creature from the 1982 movie. But it brings with it all the standard trappings of a 2011 movie with jump scares, animals who seem to have a better sense of unease than humans, ominous hallways and multiple shots of people being pulled off screen by something. Maybe this is just a way to sell the pic? Let’s hope so, because right now, we don’t really see the difference between this film and any other similar flick with a decent budget. The film was also delayed for reshoots and to bump up the special effects and well, we hope that wasn’t a sign of bigger problems with the movie that was originally slated to hit theaters this spring.

“The Thing” hits theaters on October 14th. Trailer below.

<a href="" target="_blank" title="&#039;The Thing&#039; Movie Trailer" rel="nofollow" >Video: &#8216;The Thing&#8217; Movie Trailer</a>

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1. 50 bucks says all this Prequel Bullshit is just that- bullshit. They’re using that angle for good will. If this movie makes bank then they’ll go ahead & do a straight up remake of John Carpenter’s movie with 2013’s THE THING 2.

2. I understand they want to pay homage to the John Carpenter film but that does not mean they need to use the same damn set design & costumes.

I’m too passionate about Carpenter’s film- which I believe is the perfect genre flick- to comment on this. I’ll be there opening day but if this film is anything less than stellar it deserves to be fucked. Hard. Unpleasantly.


So the title is The Thing just like the previous one? Sounds like a remake to me.

what you talking boot?

today’s temperatures in Toronto will reach a high of 80 and will continue to do so for the rest of the week. please, for the sake of all humanity, stop making us look like eskimos.


@Drew, from the youtube clip you posted:

“This is my fan-made trailer for the upcoming movie Re-make/Prequel of “The Thing” (1982) is set to be released April 29th, 2011.”

So is this a prequel or a remake…looks like a remake, more than a prequel

Drew Kerr

Seems this is not the first trailer. Just found this other one (which says the film was coming in April 2011) with a whole different approach and more graphic footage of the monster.


Seems to have almost the exact same beats as Carpenter’s Thing, which is odd since this is a prequel and not a remake.

Edward Davis

Short Inception FARTS! BRAP!


Until Warner Bros turn loose that Dark Knight Rises teaser in hi-def I find myself not caring about other trailers, particularly something cheesy like this.

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