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Watch “Slow” – A Short Film By Darius Clark Monroe (Short Shouts)

Watch "Slow" - A Short Film By Darius Clark Monroe (Short Shouts)

A tweet from the filmmaker, who we’ve featured in the past, Darius Clark Monroe: “In honor of SLOW’s @outfest World Premiere screening this wknd, I’ve decided to release it online for the next 48hrs)

Logline reads: “26yo, DDF, 5′ 11″, 185 fit. 7 cut. Vers. Looking to host now. 420 is cool. Send a face pic.

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Initially I got excited as Im sure many other did when the guy started making advancements to the blind guy. I mean who doesn't like to look at two goodlooking black men engage in sexual activities. However even when I realized that the film wasnt going to play out like I originally thought I couldnt help watching it. I loved the film although it had me yearning to see what happened next and I hope there are more scenes out there. I felt like the film was saying that it was ok to fight for what you really want from someone even if it causes pain or drives the person away because in the end the other person might realize that what he really wanted all along was to sit and have dinner with you.


his sister placed the ad. She wanted him to find someone. He didn’t know for example that it said ‘420 friendly’. He though that she placed an ad for him on a dating site. it was a hook-up site.

Like some of us, he has had enough anonymous sex. He wanted a relationship.

His blindness was alegorical. We meet someone in a club, on online, and inside we still hope maybe this will be that partner that we need and want. We are so blind in thinking at of all places, and of all starts to a relationship, that this is where it can be found. There has got to be more.

Try searching online for guys looking for gay guys seeking serious long term relationships. Your Google search will start by happily suggesting gay porn, then as you type, it will slow down a bit and suggest hook-ups, then suddenly, as you finish typing the search, it will get so confused that it has no suggestions for what you are searching for. It becomes completely dumbfounded.

and yet, we blinding keep thinking that tomorrow’s hook-up may just turn out to be that partner for life.

We’re as slow as Google and as blind and the innocent man in the video


This short should be reposted time and time again. Most people do not realize how many of us go through life with the same blind desparation for companionship and love and all we end up with is sex. This is why the DL men are being served the buffet of a lifetime because they refuse to look at others as feeling human beings. Instead they think of us as non-feeling, blind objects for their sexual pleasure then try to dismiss us like blind, dirty, laundry.

Kyle Henry

Saw this at Newfest last night. Wow! The single shot long take in the kitchen that begins as a come on, then becomes an altercation, then morphs into that sad yet sweet dinner offer … lord, I have never seen one shot in a short that is so packed with tension in my life! Wow!

Derrick L. Briggs

Bravo!!! We need more :-)


That was great!! A lot of guys who frequent those type of sites really only want that same type of interaction; something slow where they can get to know each other. Unfortunately, they end up taking it much faster because the site is known for that. I love the fact the main charater is blind. I also love the fact they both could act. NICE!!


WOW!!!, I really understood both actor, my thoughts were everyone wants what they want, but at the same time want’s what the other one wants, going slow is not back and it is possible it could work. The blind guy couldn’t relate in words what he actually wanted, so his action spoke volumes to the guy that wasn’t actually listen in the beginning, however I think he got it….. Is there more to this clip….WOW!


The gay men in the film are the usual attractive and physically fit that seem to populate all films about black gay men. An anonymous hookup turned into a traditional date. I guess that gestures towards “normalcy?” Hmm. I like the inclusion of a disabled character. Black gay men who are disabled is a little explored topic in our art. I like how the narrative turns our expectations upside down. The attacker is the host, not the visitor. I think general vulnerability is the point. The disability is a vehicle to express that. Perhaps a metaphor for sexuality? Overall great short film, and a story that needs to be told more often.


I would like to add that this type of dynamic plays out within the black gay community constantly. Some brothers using a sex site looking for marriage material. Hyper sexual brothers looking to objectify someone for a nut. The metaphorical aspect of the protagonist being blind was a masterful touch. Without physical eyes, being able to see what is really needed was intimacy, and not being afraid to be vulnerable. Excellent!


Wow. I enjoyed the tenseness of this film. At the same time, I felt uneasy with the possible danger in the film. It was kind of sad. The blind man was obviously looking for a relationship and not a quick hook-up. So I get why the film’s called “Slow”. He wanted to take things slow.


I saw it as an interesting little film about the desire for intimacy and connection. Sharing a homecooked meal is one of the most intimate things we do, and it’s clear that this is what the blind brotha wants first, before anything else. I hope the director makes more films!


I missed that he was blind. I was stuck on something else. Now the long intro. makes more sense. Ouch okay now I can see his insecurity even more to let a man stay that was all over him.


Just watched it. Made my skin crawl a little bit. Sigh! Dating is so hard. At first I was wondering really where is this going.


@ Laura. Yeah that’s me
I want to correct something. “I think if that would have been the flaw of the protagonist it would have been more beleivable.

Change that to:

I think if that flaw (risk taking) would have been portrayed by the protagonist earlier in the story line, I beleive the story would have been more emotionally accessible and powerful for me.


I got that he was blind in the beginning of the film when he was shaking the spices to find the right spice for his food. From the a story telling perspective I thought the pacing was good. I like movies that do not use a lot of dialogue to tell a story.

Having said that, I thought that the premise of a blind man endangering himself to start a relationship did not jibe with me. The protagonist did not come off as someone a flaw like risk taking or being self destructive. It came of kind of gimmicky. I think if that would have been a flaw of the protagonist it would have been more believable.


I actually appreciated the subtlety of this film and that it didn’t try to explain everything . The director wasn’t going for obvious. It felt more like theater. I enjoyed the tension and the mystery throughout. It also felt more like a psychological drama. We’ve heard so much about how Craig list, gay or straight, hook-ups could go wrong, or have gone wrong and could turn violent or even deadly. I like that the director flipped the script on it. Is the main character ashamed because of his blindness or his gayness and is that why he flips out or is it a bit of both? Maybe the blindness is a metaphor for something else. Maybe it’s just me, but I like being left with at least some questions, sometimes.

But, this is how to do it folks, make a short with just a couple of characters, few or even just one location and get creative. Make it straightforward or abstract. Just make it. We don’t have to get all big and blockbustery to create interesting, thought provoking dramas.



Seems to me that the main character uses his profile on a LGBT site to try to find men to have a relationship with. I’m guessing that since he is blind that he feels insecure about it so he lures in other men by seeming to set up more of a casual hookup. Then I think that is where the title comes in and the main guy really wants to “take it slow” rather than have sex. I’m not sure though. I don’t really like films like this that try too hard to be abstract and difficult.


Um, I wasn’t expecting that. I’m a tad bit disturbed……and kind of confused. What just happened? Can anyone offer an explanation?

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