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Watch: Take The Phone Off The Hook, The Red Band Trailer For ‘Drive’ Has Arrived

Watch: Take The Phone Off The Hook, The Red Band Trailer For 'Drive' Has Arrived

There are only two things you need to know about “Drive“: 1) It’s from “Bronson” and “Valhalla Rising” director Nicolas Winding Refn and 2) it stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks and Oscar Issac. If somehow that wasn’t enough to get you on board, this red band trailer should more than do the job.

Based on the novel by James Sallis, Refn’s gritty film follows a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver-for-hire and gets mixed up with dangerous dudes. It looks fucking unreal. Evoking the sensibility of minimalist ’70s pics, with a searing, violent edge Refn is known for, this trailer truly raises goosebumps as it enters its second half and takes on the previously mentioned fairy tale feel that also erupts in a symphony of tension and violence. We caught the film at Cannes — where Refn took home Best Director — saying the film possessed “dark majesty” and frankly, that’s the best two words to describe what we just watched.

“Drive” hits on Septemer 16th. Take the phone off the hook, turn up the volume, load it up in full screen and watch it below.

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Why is this red band?


CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I CAN HAVE SEX WITH THIS MOVIE BECAUSE I WANT TO, I NEED TO! The musical choice at the end is brilliant. great trailer from the most promising director working


Holee shit! It’s red band because looking at Baby Goose in this movie causes your pantalones to fly right off

ryan fan

Did anybody attend the drive panel at comic con? and if they did,Was Ron perlman in a grumpy mood? I read an article where they ask ron what he got working from Ryan and he was like…i got nothing.


Fred Johnson is right!

This looks sick, end of story. Refn wins, we win.


How about an exercise for the detractors: why don’t you tell us all what we should be excited about instead of “Drive” so we can gauge your taste (or lack thereof…)

As mentioned, Refn never touched any of the Punisher series to date, but to blend and paraphrase yer’s apparent knock with the sage wisdom of Dazed and Confused “they’d be a lot cooler if he did.”

And OD, we could spend the rest of time crossing over great lines from classics that would barely rate a blip in lesser work or different context. If “Heineken! Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!” had been uttered in “Shanghai Surprise” back in ’86, I doubt many would be repeating it 25 years later.


Plus the topless stripper near the end.


it’s called the pusher series. i guess that rules you out, valhalla boy.

Ol Dirty

“My hands are dirty”
“so are mine”

If this dialogue was in another movie, say, “Punisher: War Zone” it”d be slammed for being hokey and retarded…but when Gosling and Brooks say it in a NICLAS WINDING REFN FILM….Brilliant!


What in Pusher 2, let’s say, is juvenile?

I’d call it rather mature in fact, especially for the genre.

yer wrong.


Wow, people are so easily impressed. This looks ok, but Refn is a really juvenile director that does things in order to seem cool regardless of whether it fits the film or not. Also it’s so odd that he has developed so many fans over a film that hasn’t come out yet. I wonder if these people have actually seen the Punisher series or Vahalla Rising..


Wow. This looks amazing. Very Exctied.


I persume it’s Red Band because of the threat of violence towards women, the bullet/hammer sequence, Ryan Gosling kicking someones head in… Christina Hendricks smoking as well.


No argument here: this looks every bit as epic as it has sounded since its initial announcement.


*closes door*


Edward Davis





waiting all year for this!

that guy

Stunning. Watched it at least 4 times in a row. This will be one of the top films of the year.


Looks awesome!

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