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Watch Trailer for Cedric the Entertainer’s “Dance Fu”

Watch Trailer for Cedric the Entertainer's "Dance Fu"

Directed by Cedric the Entertainer, the cast for the upcoming comedy Dance Fu includes Cedric the Entertainer, Kel Mitchell, Katerina Graham, Tommy Davidson, Ty Hodges and Gary Anthony Sturgis.

The film, produced by Level 33 Entertainment, tells the story of “young dance champion, Chicago Pulaski Jones, seeks fame and fortune in the big city until he gets sidetracked by the murder of his uncle at the hands of evil crime kingpin Pretty Eyed Willy – a death he must avenge by mastering a unique style of martial arts that incorporates his amazing dancing skill.”

According to its IMDB, the film has a 2012 release date.

Here’s the trailer.

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Yeah, this flick looks wack in every conceviable way possible. It looks like a bad web series expanded to feature length but people are talking about supporting it with their $$.



@ JMac
I’m absolutely not comparing the films. I’m comparing this blog’s responses to each film


@Rasheed’ It’s selected self-righteousness a lot of people on this board seem to suffer from it. This movie look offensively unfunny. The dialogue seems bad, the acting sans Cedric who is always Cedric looks to be horrible but it’s ok because black comedy isn’t supposed to have standards correct?


@ Rasheed. Are you really trying to compare a blatantly, intentionally stupid comedy flick with a serious film recounting historical events by a multiple oscar nominated writer/director?

Double wow.




OK, so wait…let me get this straight…a lot of ya’ll are giving this extended Living Color skit a pass, and being hyper critical of the Tuskegee Airmen movie?




I remember seeing the horrible trailer the first time it was posted and my feelings haven’t changed for it. SMDH.

no no no

Saw this movie years ago. unwatchable


Oh yeah, maybe Funny or Die borrowed from this movie depending on how long this movie’s been in production.


This looks hilarious – nice mindless fun a la Last Dragon. I always thought Kel was the funny one. Kenan’s stint on SNL confirms that. And Tommy Davidson’s in there too. Gotta watch it.

“Who’s your ninja?” LOL


I remember the website asked fans to select a name for the film.

This is a definite rental. I love Cedric. And I loved Kel on ‘Kenan & Kel’.

Yup. Want to see. LOL


I can’t lie either, this will get some of my viewing time. Hey, I just watched Cedric the Entertainer and Andre 3000 in Be Cool, so why not Cedric, Kel Mitchell and Tommy Davidson?

Tommy Davidson and Cedric always make me laugh.


Good Lord. In the last few days we have been flooded with trailers of black films (or movies with prominent roles for blacks) that had wrapped production a hundred years ago. Never thought this particular one would see the light of day.

And by the looks of it it probably never should.

mike jones

Looks cool, but they totally bit this funny or die short film: with the slap the black off scene

other song

I cant lie – I laughed. lol “smack the black off you.” I might check it out if the next trailer is good.


That’s about the dumbest ish I’ve heard of in a long time, and usually I can dig dumb ish. But this is just…smh.

Adam Scott Thompson

How old is Kel now?

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