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Watch: Trailer For ‘Jack And Jill’ Reveals The Worst Movie Adam Sandler Has Ever Made

Watch: Trailer For 'Jack And Jill' Reveals The Worst Movie Adam Sandler Has Ever Made

Same Goes For You Al Pacino

With last year’s “Grown Ups” we thought we had reached the nadir of Adam Sandler‘s laziness, a “movie” in which he conned Sony into paying for his best buddies and him to hang out, act like retards and get rewarded handsomely for the privilege. But it seems he has reached an ever lower standard than we thought possible.

The trailer for his next film “Jack And Jill” has arrived and yes, while he is playing both lead roles (Adam Sandler in a wig and speaking with a lisp! Hilarious!) he’s secretly made it so that his only acting now is simply doing funny faces in reaction shots. Running a dreadfully long two and a half minutes, it’s practically a sizzle reel of Sandler doing bug eyes, scrunching his face and looking annoyed. Such depth. And don’t even let us get started on Al Pacino — playing himself no less — as we just wonder how on Earth he or his agent or his friends or even random strangers allowed him to agree to do this. It’s beyond embarrassing. We’d rather he made a dozen more movies with 50 Cent.

Ordinarily, we tell you not to bother but there is something so perverse about how utterly wretched this is, you kind of have to see it for yourself. Check it out below.

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F*(K him for making a Christmas Holiday movie knowing very well that he is not part of TEAM SANTA! I guess after he raped Hanukkah to death, it was only right for him to rape Christmas too!


Adam Sandler should change his name to EPIC FAILURE! This movie is complete and total garbage!

bob hawk

I just stumbled across this. Oy vey!!

Adam Sandler in drag looks like a somewhat slimmer but just as ugly version of John Travolta in HAIRSPRAY.

Therefore, the new lowpoint in cinema history could be a movie in which Sandler and Travolta play sisters, and their respective beaus or husbands are played by Pacino and De Niro.

The horror, the horror . ; .


Also, I should point out that the like/dislike ratio for the trailer on youtube is abysmal. And hilarious.


Jon, isn’t it obvious that all the negativity is about the prospect of Sandler in drag?

Like I said, this will make Just Go With It look like Cactus Flower. Also, it will make Grown Ups look like The Big Chill.

And finally, I say it will be the film that ends Sandler’s streak of 100M grossing broad comedies. I’m calling it.


Not sure what all the negativity is about.

The trailer looks funny.

It’s a comedy people. Take it for what it is… 90 minutes of entertainment.


This is the epitome of everything thats wrong with movies


I saw Pacino on Broadway inThe Merchant of Venice a couple of months ago. He was amazing. The fact that he’s also doing this is…well, I don’t know what it is, but it makes me sad.


“Rated Argh, for Pirates…Fuck you!!!”


Who here on ThePlaylist had seen the season finale of South Park?


“Looks like one of the fake trailers from Funny People.”

BuntyHoven just won.


Let’s hope to god this loses a lot of money so Sandler will get the picture and stay out of pictures!


It is never surprising to see Adam Sandler consistently star in lousy films- he was never concerned about art, in the first place . Now, Al Pacino , he truly needs to be locked up, and the key thrown away. Pacino has been crapping on his art for years. Al looks absolutely embarrassing in this trailer.


How come Pacino isn’t in movie jail yet


I’m just hoping that this means that Al Pacino alongside John Malkovich, Frances McDormand and John Turturro form together to make the greatest independent movie of all tim

Nik Grape

Dear Lord…why have you forsaken us.

Pacino and Sandler have to be actual friends. There can’t be any other reason Pacino would be doing this. Officially stooped lower than DeNiro now.


An open letter to Adam Sandler…

Dear Adam:

I love you. I’m serious. Happy Gilmore is a classic. You once worked with PT Anderson! Your work ethic is the stuff legends are made of.

But you have to stop. Take a vacation. A long one. Regroup. These last few have been DEVASTATING for me and fellow Happy Madison fans.

You’ll be back. And so will we. But for now, that’s it. We will not so much as even watch another trailer until you sort this thing out.

You’re welcome…



I think this is the grand finale of a 15 year long performance art project Al Pacinos been pulling on the general public. It’s his masterpiece.


Surely Al Pacino had other paychecks to choose from….Transformers? G.I Joe? But to play Jill’s suitor?!?


Kind of funny that they say it’s from the producers of Just Go With It and Grown Ups. As though anyone who’d be interested wouldn’t be sold by Sandler himself being in it but they’d be like, “oh those movies were well produced”.


This will make Just Go With It look like Cactus Flower.


I know initial thoughts may suggest that this will make money like all the others, but I have three reasons why it could fail.

1. Sandler in drag – None of his other movies have featured such an atrocious sight.

2. The PG rating – That could make Sandler fans think it’s a family comedy and could turn them off as they’d probably prefer PG-13 or R (in which case they’d probably wait for I Hate You, Dad which is looking at an R-rating).

3. The rating description – It comes off as rather extreme for a PG rating and could be a turnoff for families.


Are we sure that this isn’t actually a movie made by his character from Funny People?


Looks like one of the fake trailers from Funny People.


The sad thing is you know it’s going to make a shitload of money, just like all his movies.

Edward Davis

OMG, this looks amazing

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